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for Prince William and Elizabeth (Kate) Middleton's Nuptials

Last week I was contacted on my Twitter account (@TheMartiniDiva) by several of my followers in the UK and asked if I would create a martini especially for the upcoming Royal Nuptials of Prince William and Kate.
 @1958landcruiser how about inventing a cocktail for the Royal Wedding next Friday week we'll get @FallowfieldsUK hotelier to try out (April 15th)

I figured why the heck not - it could be fun, right?  Then I was asked to put some zip into it to relieve all the dullness surrounding an event steeped in such historic "pomp and circumstance". Little did I know just how difficult it could be to create a cocktail with some English influence that was the antithesis of "dull".

 But I did my best and hopefully brought as much classic English influence and flavor to this cocktail as possible:
Read the whole story about The ROYAL COCONUT CURRY MARTINI.

I hope you enjoy my attempt to "curry" favor with the Royal family while I gave my new friends in the UK a fun new cocktail and, hopefully, a giggle or two!

PLEASE check out my lovely friends from the UK:
Anthony Lloyd (@FallowfieldsUK) of the lovely Fallowfields Hotel & Restaurant
Colin Marriott (@1958landcruiser) a fellow artist and foodie.
James Marriott (@jam188thecabbie)

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