My Lighter life Diet Experience Daily Diary 4 Stone to Lose in 8 Weeks :0)

Colin Marriott Aged 53 17 st. 9 lb. -Target weight 13 st. 7lb.
One year ago i weighed 20.5 Stone and decided to Diet i had retired early from a Physical job Due to Bad Feet and was now a House Husband, Sitting around and not being active My weight Sored up from 15 stone pretty quick. Then My feet improved and i was able to walk fair distances, so i tried the SlimFast Plan 2 shakes and a 600 Calorie Meal in the evening Plenty of Long walks inbetween, all went well the Diet and exercising help the weight drop-off. But the 600 Calorie Meal grew and Snacks appeared in my hand as if by magic i was on the slippery road to failure, capping it off Holiday eating where i put on a Stone in 2 weeks, Phew! as i'm used to having shakes i Thought i'd try a newish Diet Called The "Lighter Life" Which my Wife was inspired to join by its Most Famous Member TV's Pauline Quirke (Emmerdale, Birds of a Feather) We Watched Her gradually deminish before our very eyes, Night after Night she got Thinner as Her TV son contemplated suicide.
I Won't Bore you too much with the ins and outs of the diet But, it does involve completly Substituting food for Shakes, Soups, Drinks and Snacks Purchased every week at the meetings You Buy enough for a whole week taking into account 4 sachet meals a day + any snack bars and drinks allowed all provided on the plan More about that later.
 Tuesday Evening 18th. October
"Goodbye Large Hawaiian Pizza with the Stuffed Crust" (Good Riddens Really)  
Wednesday Evening 19th.
Met the Nice Local Enfield Lighter Life Club Lady Heather, who weighed me and took my height writing them on my enrolment form, Subject to me getting approval from the Doctor with a Blood-Pressure Test That is. Apparently there are 6 men starting in My group this week. New Groups Start Every 4 weeks. Sat and watched a introductory Film with Dr. Hilary Jones (No Not sitting Next to Me, on the Film) explaining Why it was more than a Diet But, a complete Lifestyle change, Which it is.
As I've watched My wife Lose Nine and a half Stone in What seems like no-time. She has sat in Pubs and Restuarants watching me and my daughter eating away as she sipped a Fizzy water and Gnawed on an approved chewy bar secreted under the table. Who couldn't be inspired by that Determination.   
There is a £15 One off MemmberShip Fee Than Your Food Packs Cost £72 a week Which if you take into account a Large Domino's Pizza costs £11.50 + Garlic Bread, Etc. Just for 1 Meal for a Fat Boy, isn't at all expensive. 

Thursday Evening 20th.  
"Goodbye Fish and Chips i said as i ate my last Fatty Chip
First a Trip To The Doctors Friday Morning 21st.  
For Official approval, Took my form to have the boxes ticked, The Doctor was very Sceptical about it all But gave me a Blood-Pressure Test, I Told Her My wife was also on the Diet and was Beating Pauline Quirke (above) although its not a Race. She Has inspired me to have a go. And Her Eyes are Watching My Every Move LOL.
She would Make a Good Lighter Life Councilor, As she inspires all the Ladies at the club to resistant snacking Tsk, Tsk,  
All boxes checked, no heart failure iminent, Blood-Pressure better than A1, We're in, Then i thought - "Damn it! I really have to do this now, Bring it On"! 
Friday Afternoon Just Found Out I Can't start Till Monday as the Sceptical Doctor forgot to Charge £20 for the Approval and Blood-Pressure Test LOL.
Friday Evening The Last Supper
Ravioli is the Last food to Pass these lips with a sprinkle of cheese. And My Last Cup of tea with milk. I am aloud Black tea with sweeteners from now on, Haven't had sugar for Three years anyway, won't miss the milk either. Managed to borrow some sachets to start my new Regime tomorrow.
So Tomorrow I can Look forward to 1 Vanilla and 1 Banana Shake Which has milk Powder in it so it will taste like Slimfast and the Evening Meals Will be 1 sachet of Minestrone and 1 sachet Vegetable soup Which i understand taste great. Chewy Bars Are Not on the menu till week two.
Saturday 22nd. October
Got Up 8 am. to start my New Regime, Shave, Brush the teeth, Cup of tea with sweetners too hot to drink after toothpaste so left half of it. Then Out For a 4 Mile walk around My Front Garden (The Park opposite) Oops! Woke the wife, decided to come with me and gave me ear'ole all the way around my circuit for disturbing her lay-in LOL. Didn't listen just paced 8 circuits of a Triangular path I had previously paced out as 0.75 Km. Dodge the dog walkers picking up their pooches poo's and 1 hr. 20 mins. later back home. Pulled of my sweaty track suit and sat down to cool off, while finishing my now cold tea, Love Cold Tea refreshing and not congealed having no milk in it, Tastes like Ice-Tea.
My First Lighter Life sachet meal was a Banana shake crush ice water and the yellow powder mix whizzed up in a mini-blender.

Taste Verdict - Wallpaper Paste very bland with a Hint of Banana but then i was used to putting a Real Banana in a Slimfast shake with semi-skimmed milk. Those days are gone :0( LOL
Wife wanted to go to Waltham Abbey Market more walking so i posponed my shower a mile or so walking round there, we got a bit cold so home for Lunch.
My second sachet Meal was a Vanilla shake I took no chances and added 3 spoons of coffee to the mix as advised by My wife an old hand at this. Taste Verdict quite passable, ;0) Glad i put the coffee in LOL. Washed it down with a Hot Black coffee, don't recommend Cold coffee :0( Suprisingly LOL.
A Bit of Chelsea Blogging ( Recommended to all slimmers the hours fly by and food never enters your head even if its only a Diary Blog like this one.
Mid-Afternoon while watching the end of Wolves 2 v 2 Swansea Tried a Savoury Drink sachet which was a bit like a mixture between Bovril and Oxo. Taste Verdict Great! :0) What Times Tea?
Not to Worry 5.30 pm. its Liverpool v Norwich Come on the Canaries 1-1 Draw Good Result.
Saturday Evening
First Evening food sachet 8 pm. Minestrone soup. Taste Verdict Brilliant, Best so far, Made just like a cupa soup Plenty of chewy pieces cheered me right up feeling positive now, and comfortably full :0)
Second food sachet of the evening Vegetable soup. Taste Verdict Nice second Favorite Have to Get some Curry flavour soup to try next week Tired Now Time for Bed.
Sunday Morning October 23rd. 
A quick weigh-in after the First day of the Diet, Result Lost 3 lb. Whoop! Whoop!
Second Day much like the first only a 5 mile Bike Ride instead of a Walk. Tea and a Bit of Blogging.
After the Bike ride I was steaming, so I sat and had a large tea and cooled off, Showered and Settled Down to Watch Man.Utd. lose to Man.City 6-1 with a Hot Vanilla Shake & coffee in. 
A Word of Warning don't put hot water in a Blender - Bang!! when i removed the lid Right down me clean shirt LOL. Didn't lose much so that'll teach me Mix with a whisk and Jug.
Having enjoyed the Match i was looking forward to QPR v Chelsea at 4 pm. so i had my second shake mixed in the Jug No fireworks this time. No fireworks in the game either as we Lost to QPR 1-0 two sent off in the process.
After updating My Chelsea blog Time for a Minestrone soup lovely a bit more water than last time filled me right up, will have the second at 10 pm. after XFactor Vegetable soup again Check my blogs then Bed. 
Monday Morning October 24th. 
Got up late, 10.30 am. Decided last night to play golf on 3 Yanks and me I lost but it was fun till 2 am. +13 Durrr. ZZzzz. Scored More in Real the Real world - 94 without 1 Seven :0)
Quick Weigh lost another 2 lb. thats 5lb. in Two Days, Time for a bit of blogging, Walking to Enfield Town and back later to collect my Doctors Form and window shop some PS3 Games. :0)
11 am. time for a Vanilla shake with crushed ice :0( not my favorite but Mind over Matter LOL :0) Actually That Tastes Quite Good With 1 Spoon of Coffee in :0)
Monday Afternoon
Off for me walk with My Wifes Window Shopping Turns into four and half  to five miles, came back with the all important approval form and minus £20 for the priviledge.
Late Lunch another Vanilla Coffee Late A La Colin, and Relax Playing World Golf Tour online till 6.45 pm. and its time to go and officially start my diet at the Enfield Lighter Life Club couple a miles by car this time.
Monday Evening
Its My Wifes Slimming Club Night so I wait in the wings as She Gets Weighed with all her admiring friends, She loses 3 lb. for the week, Good Girl, :0) I wait till last and then its My turn.
Official Starting weight 17 Stone 4 lb. BMI 34.7 said the smiling Denis, Who wrote it in My record book and Then filled a bag with start up goodies. Thats Me Done No Lectures, Just paid me club membership and food bill. Collected my first weeks food written on a company shopping list Pick and Choose the Flavours you like and off.
Tonight as my night is a Sunday so i leave to return in an hour to Collect the Wife.
Back Home I Unpack My Goodie Bag and look over my purchases.

7 Days Worth of Food Packs, 4 packs per day (28) gone for :-
7 x Vanilla Shakes,
13 x Minestrone soups,
7 x Vegetable soups,
1 x Curry soup, to Try
and a Box of Savoury Drinks (Bovril) aloud 2 per day.
Next in the bag we have a Pedometer for doing up to 10,000 paces a day exercise.
Next a Feeding Mixer Cup for taking out and about on the move
Then My record Book where all progress is recorded and side effects explained etc, etc.
Side affects my Wife has experienced are constipation eased by 1 tablet of Dulcolax laxitive, slight hair loss a few weeks in which stopped, Giddy Lightheadedness if you don't stick to a routine, 
Must Eat All Packs Daily Without Fail They Have The Essential Vitamins, Etc Your Body needs.
Last a Member card to access online info for Members Only and extra goodies will have to see that later. And thats it for the first weeks goodies, now time for a Minestone Soup and Spank a Yank at Golf online, :0)
10 pm. I have my last Meal of the day A new one to Try Curry Soup which was promised to be like Mulligatawny Well it nearly was :0)
Tuesday morning 25th. October
Quick weigh-in on the Wii Fit Plus to compare last nights results (Wii Fit Plus not only weighs you it tells you your BMI aswell and you can set targets for the week of fortnight ahead)
And the Result is 17 Stone 4lb. BMI 33.64 a Slight reduction on yesterdays BMI 33.89 which is under 1 lb. on yesterday. :0) At least the Wii Fit Scales are sort of in agreement with the Club Ones.
In My Lighter Life Book the BMI Chart Says Over 30 BMI is Obese 25-29 Overweight 18.5-24.9 Healthy Weight Less than 18.5 Under weight.
Off for My 4 Mile Stroll round the Park Now without Wifey telling me off, shes at work Praise the Lord LOL :0)Bless Her. Pick up 8 acorns for My pocket and threw one out every circuit completed, Back home feeling the Burn on me feet, Peel off my sweats and steamed like a Turkish bath :0)
As i Cooled off had myand off on myt first Vanilla & Coffee Shake of the day, Minestrone for Lunch to get rid of the Curry Tasting one :0)Worked Out if i keep up this Pace walking wise its equal to Norwich and Back in the 8 Weeks, Which isn't Quite 'Beefy Botham' Standard But enough for me :0)
Ian Bothham Lands End > John O'Groats 874 Miles > 34 days 
Tuesday Evening
Wife is off to Lighter Life Club to have a Blood Pressure check at 7 pm. You have one Every 4 weeks after your intial Doctors one the Club can do it if their geared up or Lloyds Chemist Can do it its free aswell :0) She comes back as okay time for Tea Finding it Hard to Want Two more Meal sachets so I combine the last two soups of the day Minestrone and Vegetable into one Big one in the mixer bottle checking this time to release the air pressure that builds up inside a after shaking, :0) then as TV is boring I Play a Few More Yanks at the Online Golf which is quite addicitve a bit like Twitter :0) 12 midnight Bed for Me.
Wednesday 26th. October
Slept Better Last Night Must have Bin that Late Curry Soup I had Monday Night kept me awake, no more late soups for me.
8 am. Hear the Family Bang the Door off to work, get up cup of Tea, Headphone Radio on Talksport grab a bottle of water, and off around the Park Picked up My 8 acorns lapcounter and 1 hour 10 minutes all acorns gone back home, hot & feet aching strip of the sweats and cool down Drinking my first Shake again a Vanilla and Coffee with crushed ice whilst blogging this and checking out twitter   messages, and Chelsea Blog tonight its Everton v Chelsea in the Carling Cup I watch online and tell other fans how to
I Run Three Blogs the one Where this Diary is, the chelsea one and a Comical one called "Open All Hours" Where I asume the Guise as tight fisted Shop Keeper Arkwright and Talk as Ronnie Barker did in the Hit BBC Comedy series, Plenty of Banter on twitter as lots think i am really Yorkshire and not from the East End, I have to Tweet with a Stutter and welcome all followers with a comical intro a little bit of thought has to go into fitting the oneliners into 140 Characters allowed in a message My Brother has a bit of Fun Tweeting as his long Suffering Shop boy Granville, Our Tweets are @arkwright4 and Geh- @Granville8 if you want to follow and join in the fun, half the fun is Tweeters messaging back Mimicking the Stutter Leh-LOL it passes a Hour or Two When i'm doing anything  :0)
A quick weight Check on Wii Now and the Result is - 17 st. 2 lb. BMI 33.64 a loss of 2 lb. and a reduction of BMI from 33.83 Happy Days :0)
Lunch today is Minestrone Soup :0) Played Golf Online all Afternoon and Watched Chelsea TV We Beat Everton 2-1 But yet another player sent off. :0( Bed By Midnight.
Thursday 27th. October
27th. Wedding Anniversary Today Planned a Intimate Candle lit Dinner for Two LOL.

Latest News From Now on as the Daily Routine is pretty repetitive. Weekly official weigh-in's from now on until the Management Stage of the Diet, Where we introduce food slowly. 
Sunday 13th. November Exercise Walked and Biked 20 miles Club Weigh-in 16 st. 2 lb. BMI 32.46 weekly loss 4 lb. BMI reduced 0.57 :0)
Sunday 20th. November : Exercise 16 Miles Walking, Club Weigh-in 15 st. 11lb. BMI 31.70 Total weekly loss 5 lb. BMI reduced 0.76 :0)
Sunday 27th. November Exercise 16 miles walking and Shopping, Club weigh-in 15 st. 8lb. BMI 31.32 Total weekly loss of 3 lb. BMI reduced by 0.38 :0) 
Total Loss So Far 2 st. 1 lb. in 37 Days
Thursday 1st. December 
Wifes Been asked to start management stage of her Diet as She Has Lost her Target over 11 stone. I Will arrange to start Management with Her at This weeks meeting. lost another 4 lb.this week since Sunday and I have now Lost 5 Stone in 420 Days of various Dieting. Lighter Life has Been the Quickest Method over all accounting for half the loss in 40 days :0)

Sunday 4th.. December
Lighter Life Club Weigh-in 15 st. 4 lb. BMI 30.72 a loss of 4 lb. and BMI reduced  0.60 :0)
Thats My Last Weigh-in as i Start healthy eating now, Ruled over by Wifey's Cooking :0)
Monday 5th.December
9 am. Healthy Eating Begins With Variety Size Cornflakes Skimmed Milk and Sliced Banana for Brekkie.
3 hours around the shops.
3 pm. Lunch 6 Ryvitas Pumpkin Seed and Sunflower Seed, with Ham and Tomato sandwiched inbetween, after afterwards 2 Plums.
8 pm. Tea  Lasagne 600 calories as cooked by the wife Yum a day of treats for me That was a Granola Bar if i need it later :0)
From Now on its back to Wii Fit for weigh-ins Happy Days are here again :0)
Monday 12th. December 
First week back on food ends with a weigh-in 15 st. 9 lb. a gain of 5 lb. totally expected that so exercise will help out from now on :0)
 Now For Something Amazing My Wifes Before and After Lighter Life Total Diet:-

 She is Now on The Management part of the Diet Eating Fish and Green Leaves to Start, I'm So Proud of Her Losing Half of Her Total Body weight and She Fits into Her Wedding Dress Easier Then Originally 27 years ago. Pauline Quirke Eat Your Heart Out Although Your Not Allowed To :0) 


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