Dat Tag Clothing influenced by Graffiti, Pop Art and Culture

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About Us

DAT TAG LIMITED is a UK brand that was born out of the ability to think freely and creatively, by sourcing limited supplies of garments for individuals who require alternative perspectives to art, regardless of their size. And so, influenced by grafitti, pop art and culture our artistically talented team of designers decided to create a brand that expressed our attitudes and fuelled our creativity. At DAT TAG we only produce 150 garments per design/ per garment (not size) and each garment comes with a certificate of authentication with the item number on it!

DAT TAG is the place to find original alternative clothing for men and women with unique colours and designs for the customer who would like fresh and original limited edition designs. We also offer custom-made services. DAT TAG designers will turn your message into a design that conveys your message subliminally.

And if that wasn't enough for you, we currently host DAT TAG parties, if you would like to book a party please fill out your details in the contact form/in the CONTACT US section. Regrettably we are unable to reply to party requests outside of the UK.

Benefits of booking a Dat Tag party:
- Customers learn about the brand's history
- Priority to purchase limited, collectable garms before we release them on here.
- Customers can buy 'Special Surprise' Solo pieces- different to the ones sold on here.

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