Royal Wedding Album First Picture of the Royal Wedding Dress Possibly? 11.02 am.

Kate in That Dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen arriving Westminster Abbey

              Mrs. Middleton in Blue/Grey
 Wills Dad and Camilla
 Granny and Grandad
                                                                       Not Bad for 85 Duke is 90
 Kate leaves Hotel Shes looks Beautiful
                        Brides maids arrive at abbey
 Kate and Dad arrive at the Abbey 11am.
                                                                              Stunning British Designer dress
 Wills and Best man Harry take their places
 Kate and Father escorted by Archbishop of Canterbury
As Radiant as a Bride should be
                                                                                                      Shes Beautiful
 Thats the easy bit over
 Brides maids and Page boys follow quite a short train
 Mum with tear in eye
 Harry enjoying every minute his turn next LOL
 Will you Will to Kate
 With this Ring
 Pronouced Husband and Wife

 Back to face their adoring Public

 Hat and Gloves still a bit nippy
Well They Made it lets enjoy it, Good Luck to em' 
 Welsh State Coach arrives
 Smiles waves and salutes on the way back to the Palace
 Official photos in the Palace followed by the Balcony KISS HER KISS HER Scene
12.30 am. 
Sun is Shining Bright for the Balcony Scene Great!
Crowd Controlled by police throng to the Palace Gates

Kiss Her  Kiss Her Yay!!
Well Done!
Flies Down and,
The Fly Past LOL!

 Spitfire and inside the Lancaster Bomber
Royal Fly Past!

Fini !!
Apart from a bit of cake

Our House in Enfield made it onto the BBC London News LOL!


Colin Marriott said...

William and Kate are officially my favorite Royals

cath said...

Great photos! Saw it live this morning at home.
Thanks for the comment box! :)