Speed Painting fiIm finished today!

See  Speed painting film of me painting this picture with music from On her majestys secret service, Louis Armstrong sings "We have all the time in the world" Click here 

Just decorated the bedroom and the curtains are Teal coloured, so I was under orders to paint something in keeping with scheme! 100cm.x 50cm. canvas watercolour, black and blue acrylic paints, I filmed it aswell and will post the film tomorrow. I call it "Muslin Dreams"

Painting Watercolour skys

A lovely video, makes you want to have a go yourself !

Try my Family Recipes, Quick, Cheap to make and Tasty!

Cream of Tomato Soup
I associate this with childhood, served lovely and hot this is the last word in tomato soup, don't add any herbs the real flavour really comes through! This recipe serves 6 but you can double and treble it up no problem but, leave out the extra salt in the double up it does'nt need more!  

Ingredients :- 3 tbsp Olive oil,
                     2 medium onions,
                     2 cloves garlic, chopped or bruised,
                     1 leek, trimmed and chopped,
                     2 large carrots, chopped,
                     1 level tbsp salt,
                     2 tins plum tomatoes (total 800gms.)
                     1 tbsp white sugar,
                     600ml. hotwater or stock,
                     300ml. whole milk.

Heat the oil gently in a large saucepan and add the onoins, garlic, leek, carrots and salt. Stir a couple of times, then tun the heat down low. Cover with a lid and leave everything to sweat for a good 10 minutes. If you heat it nice and low it will not catch but keep an eye on it!
Stir the tomatoes and sugar into the vegetables. Bring to the boil and cook for 5 minutes stirring constantly, then add the water or stock. Bring the soup back up to simmering point and cook for 1 hour with or without lid, I usually keep the lid on to preserved every bit of moisture (more soup the better). By this time all the vegetables should be tender if not add an extra 15 minutes or so.
Now leave to cool to transfer into a blender or a stick blender will suffice, check the flavour incase you need more salt to your taste but, please avoid pepper. Once the soup is blended and pureed to your taste, loosen it with the milk, heating to serve.
You and your family will love this recipe and you will impress your friends aswell, Enjoy! 

I have put some more recipes on youtube I am "The Overweight chef" please view,

Low Calorie English Beef Stew with Mushrooms,

Low Calorie Sheperds Pie,

Chocolate Chip Cookies,

English Toffee Nut Cracknel,


Game im playing now Flashpoint Dragon Rising PS3

Fishing Magic Lakes

Tap to watch larger

Next Game to own L.A. Noire the graphics get better and better! watch

Tap on video twice to watch larger

Just completed Mafia II on PS3 fantastic graphics, watch!

Tap video twice to watch full size


Mafia II amazing graphics on PS3Edit Mafia II amazing graphics on PS3 section

Having completed The Godfather on PS2 I was Blown away by the graphics on Mafia II, I soon finished the story game but missed most of the Playboy mags. and all the wanted posters, so i will play again and find them all.
After you get the essentials at the bigging (lock picks) I tend to free roam all over the city nicking cars and crushing them at the scrap yard, its money in the bank every time, which comes in handy later in the game, if you drive to the scrapyard in the first car you get crush that one and near the crusher is another one, crush that and then go for a walk around the corner to where a guy is repairing his car, nick it before he can call the cops and drive back to the crusher, thats 3 cars and over a $1000 up. look back in the same place as before and the second car has been replaced. Break the glass and turn right out of the yard and follow the road straight you will come to a car park at the end of the road around a left hand bend, on the left swap cars with another, now drive back to the crusher once more, crush and Bingo the second car is back again, return to the car park and repeat as many times as you like, Its like "Gone In 60 seconds" keep going till your a millionare if you like, or for a laugh Nick a police car, you will have to lure the cop from the vehicle and shoot him, if your wanted you can always out run the cops, when you get bored return to the story missions.

Favorite Comedy Videos

Roy Chubby Brown from Youtube
The Fat Slags Pt 1 from Youtube
The Fat Slags Pt 2 from Youtube
Fat Slags Dirty Weekend Pt 1 from Youtube
Fat Slags Dirty Weekend Pt 2 from Youtube
Fat Slags Working Girls Pt 1 from Youtube
Fat Slags Working Girls Pt 2 from Youtube

Home Movies

Al Jolson takes a Bribe to sing on Youtube
Al Jolson Live in the West End on Youtube
Russian Soap Powder advert on Youtube
Feed the Birds on Youtube
The Magician on Youtube
The Big fight Live on Youtube
Al Jolson Sonny Boy (not) on Youtube
Laurel and Hardy tribute on Youtube

2010 Cup Final Colin Marriott Double Hatrick liverpool 2 Tottenham 7

Speed painting

Sean Connery 007  on Youtube
Daniel Craig 007 on Youtube
Steve McQueen  as Bullit on Youtube
Fred Astaire montage on Youtube

                                                                         Muslin Dreams 

Diy "Brothel Loft"

                                                          with thanks to Viz magazine

Jim and Jean 2011

                                                        I call this picture "Sonny Jim"

The Chawner Family 2010

                                           Sophie, Chris, Nick And Kirsty

Old Shut Eyes is Back

A painting inspired by "The Rat Pack" left to right Old Blue Eyes, Sammy, Deano and Jim Marriott "Old Shut Eyes" !

New picture Fred Astaire, Dancing see film below

To see painting Fred Astaire film! Click here

Now available as a signed art print 168 cm. x 27 cm. £10 each with plain white faces!
Please enquire below

View James Bond interactive Quiz 30 questions 30 answers film by Colin Marriott aka 1958landcruiser 15 minutes Click here for my James Bond Quiz on youtube, i'm third on list now, Or scroll down and view it from blog archive!  please follow me and vote for the Best James Bond , in the poll !

Prints of Daniel Craig £10 each available via paypal payment.

World Book Night 5th. March 2011 on

         Read my new book free of charge on the first ever world book night!
A Second Chance
By Colin Marriott
A tale of twins seperated at birth one led a privileged life, the other abandoned, taken from the country to the city, learning to survive what life threw at him, how would his life be shaped by deceit, cruelty, murder, prison and war. In a story spanning 100 years and 5 generations of an english aristocratic family. You decide who comes out on top in two different dramatic endings, who deserves to win only you decide!
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Self Portrait

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Letting off Chinese Lanterns for year of the Rabbit

happy chinese new year
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Nikki and Johnathan

Here is my latest painting completed Nikki and Johnathon, Happy Wedding Anniversary