Lovely Easter Monday Stroll Around Hidden Enfield

 Towards Enfield we joined the New River Path in Parsonage Lane
 The New River was Built to Provide Londoners with Clean Drinking
Water back in the 17th. and 18th Century. It was a work of Genius
and moves at a Snails pace all the way from the upper River Lea 
                                and its tributaries to the Isle of Dogs in London, being drawn off at
                                                                Amwell Springs near Ware
It moves so slowly that in warm weather algi 
grows on the top here and there, like a moving 
green carpet, hear we saw two Pike lying side by side 
mid stream, picking off mino's, fishing on the New river
isn't allowed except a controlled area in Hoddesdon,
It holds a fare amount of Carp Roach and Trout who
thrive in any clean water.

 We emerge at the back of 'The Crown and Horseshoes' Pub
 Crossing the footbridge from 1827
 On our way we pass Georgian Terraced houses facing 
Chase Girls school playing fields.
 Passing on our right the Grammer School Headmasters house
which is 16th century.
 We emerge into the Market square of Enfield Town 
next to the refurbished 'Kings head' Pub Quiet today because of Easter
We turn right out of the Market Square and pass the Church 
at the end of Church street here we turn right to follow the 
New river in the opposite direction.
 Pausing to see a Moorhen on its nest in mid stream run
aground ha ha!
 Now we follow the New river again upstream
 Crossed now and again by more footbridges
 We take a rest at a tree seat which looks across the river to a 
huge Sundial laid out in the park.

 Behind us are many Fine Georgian houses
 Taking a slight detour we view some more of these
architectural gems.

 Archway house (well named)
 Turning right here down a narrow Mews.
 Gorgeous Wisteria over a Georgian frontage.
 Charles Lamb's Cottage, Lamb was an English essayist, best known for his Essays of Elia and for the children's book Tales from Shakespeare, which he produced with his sister, Mary Lamb (1764–1847). Lamb has been referred to by E.V. Lucas, his principal biographer, as the most lovable figure in English literature

 We observed his wall Plaque and move on.

 Next a pair of three story Georgian Town houses.
 And a Lovely Georgian cottage with impressive railings at 
the end of this architectural feast called Gentlemens Row.
Back to the New river path now and down to the end of 
Gentlmens Row where Georgian terraced cottages line both 
sides all grade II listed.
 Left over one of the footbridges to the River path.
Upstream heading home newer Victorian built houses
front the river. 
Now we reach the other side of 'The Crown and Horseshoes' Pub 
Fronting the river idylic with a large beer garden at the rear and good food.
Walking passed another Pub 'The Cricketers'
We walk down Chase side viewing more Georgian houses.

Turning right at Chase green we find a Pub we used to manage 
23 years ago called 'The Wonder' 
Reputed to be named after a Horse called 'The Little Wonder' which 
made it Big in the USA as a Trotting race horse.
After winning the Epsom Derby in 1840
Half a mile from home now and an enjoyable
Stroll in lovely weather.

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