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Instrumental Rap Beats and the Choice

When choosing an instrumental hip hop beat to rap to you are faced with immediate choices. The choices are of course, which instrumental beats do you choose and how do you know a hot beat even when it has no lyrics over it? This is an important thought to keep in mind whenever you are choosing an instrumental rap beat to spit to. You have to ask yourself whether the beat actually compliments your style. It’s so easy to choose a beat that you might recognize as hot on the radio at the moment, but it’s a bit more difficult to recognize when a beat is perfect for you to rap to, and the beat’s compatibility to your own diverse style is really the main factor in deciding whether or not an instrumental rap beat is actually hot.
It’s really a tricky thing, choosing an instrumental hip hop beat, and the reason is because when you listen to a song on ITunes or on the radio or wherever, what you are hearing is a polished and completed product that someone else has already made all the choices on. But when you choose an instrumental hip hop beat to work with it’s much more difficult to gauge how hot the beat actually is and if the beat will work with you.
Dealing with the first statement, it’s often the case that a rap beat sounds hotter when paired with lyrics and tight production. When you’re listening to a song that’s already been completed it’s difficult to separate the instrumental rap beat from the lyrics and production, in this way what you think is hot is that finished product. But if you were to hear the beat all by itself, or, more importantly, if you heard the instrumental before it got any attention by the artist whatsoever, you might be hard pressed to predict how hot it would actually be when all is said and done.  The point here is that you have to practice and refine your ability to see the diamond in the rough, and to see the potential in an instrumental hip hop beat before anything has been done to it.
The other point to take into consideration when choosing a hip hop beat, or rather, another skill which you need to develop in order to choose wisely, is to find instrumentals that you can actually work with. In many cases you will hear an instrumental rap beat that you know has a sound popular at the moment, but it’s not actually right for your personal rap style. In which case, the product you produce at the end of the process won’t actually sound as good as it might have. It’s actually better for you and the song you produce to choose beats that might not seem currently popular but that you can work with, rather than choosing instrumental beats that seem hot at the moment. And this is because so much of the quality of the finished product has to do with your interpretation of the music and your performance on the track. And if the beat is not something that you can work with then what you produce at the end really won’t be worth the time you spent to make the instrumental rap beat into a song.

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