New Book about a Serial Killer Knocking off his Twitter List

New Book about a Serial Killer Knocking off his Twitter List written online starring real Tweeters, I first put out a question on twitter does anybody want to star in a novel about a serial killer killing off his twitter list, a couple of days nothing, then a lady artist says "could be fun" so i said, "Where do you want to base the story", and she says, "Weston-Super-Mare", "Well" i  said, "I had a aunt who owned a cafe in Weston called the WoodSpring cafe (true) would you like to run it in the story or be a local Artist", she said "Artist" so I touted the idea again for more characters and gave them a choice of three or four or anybody they would wish to be, the cast grew there was donkey rides, pub, farmers, yanks who loved Lone Star Beer, so i wrote in a brewery which sponsored Chelsea like Coors used to, one of the Chelsea followers was made the publican and assumed the roll of a ex- Chelsea pro footballer running a copy of the So-Bar outside Stamford Bridge gates,  it sounds completely nuts but if you read it, it works, the cast of characters interact with each other and the banter is hilarious.
The whole story has a very loose guide, some body has searched someone elses twitter list and decided to knock them all off and steal there lives a Sociopath Just like "The Amazing Mr. Ripley" starring Matt Damon, kill steal and move on. Beware when you see just a plain coloured Egg on Twitter as the Avatar, it sends you a list of your followers, and plonks an advert on the end, there profile shows    10/tweets/0 followed/0 followers/ 0 listed   Spammers or Sociopaths? please report them by blocking them before its too late.
There is a message behind this experiment don't just tweet trying to sell somebody something, have fun!
The decent The Proposal
Do you want to star in it? using your twitter name? yes, then tell @1958landcruiser  on twitter, and I will pick you up on Mentions, Or leave your name in the comments below. Need at least 6 victims more if necessary. You can be any occupation but the story is based in a seaside town called Weston-super-mare in North Devon, Cafes, Hotels, Guest houses with a half asleep feeling just like the local Police, Get the picture. (Real Hoteliers and policemen would be fun)
(Working Title) #FF I Love You
                  Cast so far
@Lovelylisaj Lisa Allen - A local Artist,
@gabbynoonyraffy Allen Haberburg - An American on a mission
@Tango2paris Robin Sutherland - Royal Hotel Manageress
@FallowfieldsUK Anthony Lioyd - Royal Hotel owner
@_tweetheart Beth from Nola - Royal Hotel Receptionist
@americanmade65 - Vince, Conman and Nola's Boyfriend
@Syk7 Salman Khan - Royal Hotel Porter,
@willowrose51 Connie Tuttle - Local Lady Land owner and Dairy Farmer
@asteria1898 Traci Starry - First Prostitute,
@minihaha49 nana - 2nd. prostitute 39 yr. old curvy Blond
@shedbar Corny - Pimp,
@SpadesJoe  Joseph Bichler Local Beat P.C
@nasalbingo Alan Gibson - Weston Police Det. Inspector,
@EDDYBOYLIP Eddyboylip Weston police D.C.
@Medtechcerb - Scotland Yard D.I.
@benpinkney42 Ben Pinkney - Scotland Yard D.C.
@mrsoliverramsay Nicola Harper - Local Cafe'owner, 35 yrs old
@deiter_  Deiter Cullen  - Cafe' Waiter,
@CaseyNeedzit  Casey Needzit - Donkey Rides on the sands, with Dorothy and Dennis Donkeys
(£1 for 5minutes)
@jolie1dog  J R Hartley - Publican/Bar owner,  The So-So Bar (LoneStar Beer sold here)
@1988izzywizzy Lizzie - Bartender,/Barmaid
@redhotcountry  Jade - Barmaid / Singer
@SuJeCoInc Susan Jenkins Cowan - and Pub regulars,
@JeffreauxBoDean Jeff gray
@THUNDEROSATX - thuderosa
@AdamDrakeOnAir - Adam drake
@red7entertainme - Red Se7en
@brentallen - Brent Allen
@joolsmovie  Julia Lashley - Lesbian Barber
@YorkieGav Gavin Buchan - YorkiesChippy Seafood and Salmanela
@txstarbusdriver Chester  @ErnieTrevinoBnd Ernie Trevino Band
@jam188thecabbie James Marriott - Local Cabbie,
@captsingh Rabindar Singh - Fishing boat Capt. lives in Weston, Mud Flats guide
@1958landcruiser Colin Marriott - Estranged brother of James, in the right place at the wrong time and (Author)
@esthertitch  Esther Titchen - Connie Tuttles Sister

You could be one of these or a Local character of your own!
                                                                     #FF I Love You
What is Twitter?
Twitter is a website, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., which offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user's profile page.
The website is based in San Francisco, California. Twitter also has servers and offices in San Antonio, Texas; and Boston, Massachusetts. Twitter, Inc. was originally incorporated in California, but as of 2007 is incorporated in the jurisdiction of Delaware.
Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched in July. Since then Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have 200 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 search queries per day. It is sometimes described as the "SMS of the Internet".
What is a Serial Killer?
A serial killer is typically defined as an individual who has murdered three or more people over a period of more than a month, with down time (a "cooling off period") between the murders, and whose motivation for killing is largely based on psychological gratification. Other sources define the term as "a series of two or more murders, committed as separate events, usually, but not always, by one offender acting alone" or, including the vital characteristics, a minimum of at least two murders. Often, a sexual element is involved with the killings, but the FBI states that motives for serial murder include "anger, thrill, financial gain, and attention seeking." The murders may have been attempted or completed in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common; for example, occupation, race, appearance, sex, or age group, or a Social network such as Twitter?
Profile of the Sociopath
* Glibness and Superficial Charm
* Manipulative and Conning
They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible.
They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an       instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
* Grandiose Sense of Self
Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."
* Pathological Lying
Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent   basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely   convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
* Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them  as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
* Shallow Emotions
When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.
* Incapacity for Love
* Need for Stimulation
Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.
* Callousness/Lack of Empathy
Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress  and readily taking advantage of them.
* Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.
* Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.
* Irresponsibility/Unreliability
Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.
* Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.
* Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but  exploits others effectively.
* Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.
Tweeters Eavesdrop on Peoples Conversations all the time, What would happen if you combined All Three of the above, the consequences could be Messy, for a Small English Seaside Town.
Chapter 1
Letters From The Past
It was a Hot day in June last Year, Allen Haberburg stared out the window of his lighthouse keepers cottage, overlooking Jupiter Inlet in South Florida, not as the keeper of the Tall red Lighthouse, but as the keeper of his late fathers possessions he now trawled through, picking up black and white photographs now fading, yellowing with age. His great grandfather one of the first lighthouse keepers, and views across the inlet hardly changed in a hundred years from his present view point. But now a thriving resort where the rich and famous flock to catch some rays or shoot the breeze over cocktails, at his ultramodern Palm lined Beach Resort and Spa, he now would inherit from his father Frank.
Built on land claimed from ancient tribes, cannibals some of them, mispelt buy the Spanish Conquistadors hundreds of years ago as Juno and evolved into Jupiter, Juno beach fronts the hotel and if you traveled in a straight line across the Pond as we called it or the Atlantic to everyone else, by-passing Cornwall England, you would hit France at another Juno Beach, here Allens father Frank who was Canadian by birth, landed with the Royal Canadian Medical Corps. 6th June 1944, 67 years ago tomorrow,  in the preceeding months he was stationed in Somerset, England, near Weston-Super-Mare on the Bristol Channel coast a town not unlike Jupiter. Frank often spoke of his war years patching up soldiers on the front line and sending them to be shipped back to England, by the next available transport, while on leave in Somerset he was befriended by a family in Weston, and was invited to tea where he met all their family who had members of their own serving in France, one in particular took his fancy, a daughter of his hosts a girl of teenage years -----, and thats when the story usually ended, some things were best kept to himself, and Allen never pressed him for more, he was a hero to him and nothing less.
Next thing that caught his eye apart from the Medals and a service revolver in a karki holster, was a pile of unopened letters tied with red ribbon, tucked away in the bottom of the trunk he was parousing. They were postmarked 6th. June every one, but annually starting in 1944 this one Allen opened, it was a love letter but written in an unfamiliar hand, not of his mother because they had only got together when Frank returned and settled down in Jupiter in 1946, Elizabeth his wife was a childhood sweetheart and they were alwaysdestined to be together until her death three years ago 63 years of happy marriage, Frank missed her and never really got over her passing, until his own death two weeks ago, he was buried with honour in Jupiter cemetary next to 'Betty' as he called her and most of the town attended.
Back to the letter which contained all of the thoughts of a teenage girl infatuated with the slightly older handsome Canadian serviceman, who had certainly left his mark in England this letter was carried all through the war, and brought back to the States, to be placed in the trunk and joined annually it seemed by 60 or more all dated 6th June Weston-Super-Mare, England. Then in 2005 the handwriting style changed it was not the light style of the previous one but a heavier, harder hand the words left a deep depression in the paper which had changed to a headed notepaper 'WoodSpring Beach Cafe' Weston-Super-Mare. Proprietor Nicola Harper. This letter spelt out disappointment, forgotten promises and death the writter was obviously a decendant of his teenage girlfriend, who had been promised marriage and a trip to the States but died with a broken heart, and her daughter!! Allen held his breath fearing the worst as he read on, "Is on her death bed aged  60 and dying of cancer, your Daughter"!, he had a daughter Allen's half sister.
"Wow"! shouted Allen, "I have a Sister, and others I knew nothing of" he eagerly read on, it told of regret at her Mother! has never met her father in America and may die not knowing him, and ended with a plea to get in touch without delay.
The next letter was  sent out of duty to a dead mother, it was sent as a promise made on her death bed, but it was a declaration of disappointment, not only had Frank unknowingly snubbed his promised bride but also his dead daughter, but Nicola had promised her mother to keep sending the letters in case, just in case he might recognise he had a Grandaughter who was now 35 years old it seemed. Allen sank back in a deep leather armchair and drew his knees up to his chest, resting his chin on them, and thought about this maybe he could make contact and right the wrongs of the past he had what was he thought the address and telephone number of his new relative, his father had no knowledge of all that had happened as he never once opened a letter probably from fear of upsetting his marriage. But Allen wanted to do something positive and as he wanted to get away from Jupiter after the funeral and the will would not be fulfilled for a few weeks, he should visit Nicola in England perhaps offer a gift of money in some recompense. Allens head was spinning, that was the last letter of the pile and now his hand fell upon his fathers old mobile phone a couple or three years old loaded with a Twitter account, so Allen could keep in touch, with his aged father, showing his real name Frank Haberburg  and avatar picture of the lighthouse with Franky as his twitter name as Betty used to call him. he wouldn't change it for a newer model as he said it was too important to him.
And Frank found out how important when he opened text messages, apart from his to Frank there were three dated 6th. June 2008, 2009, and 2010, they simply read  #FF I Love You :0(  and nothing more, on the twitter timeline which logs all previous tweets in and out there was nothing but, only because the time had run out and was no longer stored, but he had stored the same text messages to the phones memory.
Which can only mean he knew something, or was it from someone else? an affair? no it wasn't worth considering thought Allen there was enough going on without another scandal. He did ring the number from where it was sent, but it was switched off.
With his head still spinning Allen retired to his bed everything would seem clearer after a good sleep, tomorrow is the 6th of June and anything could happen in this nightmarish situation.
Next morning Allen was awaken by a trill tone from Franks mobile, excited he jumped up and fell out of bed clambering over the bedroom furniture and tripping over the coffee table as he reached the mobile it cut off, so he redialed the caller.
"Hello" he screamed, as they answered, but they screamed at the other end and cut-off again, he rang back again and it was turned off dead, he must have frightened  them off, and the first answer in years would have frightened anybody.
"Thats it" he said, "I'm getting me a plane ticket for England", and rang Miami airport for a flight to London Heathrow the next day, "I have to convince whoever it is that my father still cared but was protecting his family from his shame at what he had done, he could not upset his wife for something that happened so long ago.
It was the end of the day at the Woodspring cafe' Perched above the beach on the end of Weston-Super-Mares southern esplanade, the sun was beginning to dip a toe in the waters of the far horizon behind the south pier, the ferris wheel glisened in the afternoon sun on its westerly tip, it was a magical time of day inside the cafe the sun danced of the water onto the walls, where a bored waiter called Deiter Cullen  was urging his last customer to finish her tea so he could leave to catch his train home, and that customer was Lisa Allen, a local artist who lived in a cottage on the north esplanade just past Worley Park Estate. She was nearing the end of a live drawing of Deiter going about his chores.
"Please Lisa i'll miss my train", he pleaded.
"No you won't", said  Lisa, "I'll give you a lift, just let me finish this". Drawing locals going about their business was a favorite subject for her, but she originally moved there for the light and sunsets to die for, these subjects earned her pocket money, a free meal or drink in the So-So Bar near the pier or, painting the bloated red tourists who look like the funny postcards you see everywhere today.
"There you are" annouced Lisa, "Done".
"Let me see" said Deiter.
"No! no, not yet" said Lisa, "This is just the sketch the painting will be twice as good, oh alright then just a quick flash" she said laughing.
Showing Deiter for all of three seconds, and slamming it shut with a thwack! on the formica covered table, so loud that a startled manageress Nicola Harper appeared from the back of the cafe coat in hand.
"Whats going on" she asked, "Deiter you should have gone by now".
"Just finishing" said Deiter, "Lisa's kindly giving me a lift to the station" and he too put his coat on and left with Lisa. "Shes been in a funny mood all day" he said, "Flustered, you might say, the slightest thing would make her raise her voice i'm glad to be going home".
It was 6 pm. on the 5th. June Nicola was fumbling with her mobile phone or rather her late Mothers mobile phone, it was nearly time to make her annual promised call, a promise made on her mothers death bed, never to give up, hoping for an answer but dreading if she actually got one. She even typed her annual message #FF I Love You, but stop herself from tweeting it 24 hours early 5pm. and America was just waking up.
"No"! said Nicola, "I'll wait as usual, I'll always wait, so I'll wait" and she switched it off and replaced it in her coat pocket. Then she got out her own mobile, and scanned the tweets as it was friday, and tweeters around the world know what friday means, #FF day a ritual which weekly lasts 24 hours only some people all week, #follow friday gives you a chance to catch up and thank your followers for following anyway, and a small message can be attached to arrange a meeting or pass on a piece of info, a straight #FF just gets dumped in a bin with all the millions of others never to see the light of day. So its best to use your #FF wisely and with purpose. #FF I Love You was Nicola's favorite it was like a message with invisible ink they used to send at school tagged with a place to rendevuos, with friends on her twitter list, she also had business cantacts who on her list but they were just website addresses catering, adverts, etc. she wouldn't dream of sending them a I love You #FF unless she was drunk on the odd ocassion.
Unlike the boys down at the So-So Bar opposite the south pier, the crazy gang as she called them, who seemed to drink past the stage of drunk, back to sober again, but they were fun. A group of American good ole' boys from Texas brought over to build and run a brand new brewery making 'Lone Star', Texas beer under licence, Lone Star were introduce to Britain when they decided to sponsor a premiership football team in this case Chelsea f.c. who were no strangers to American sponsors having previously been sponsored by another beer brand 'Coors' years ago in the 90's.
Funnily enough the So-So Bar is run by a Ex- Chelsea star called John Hartley or JR to his regulars, and named after the So-Bar opposite Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home ground. It was also like the So-Bar in other ways being a rowdy place fotball songs and chants were replaced by Country Red Dirt music either played by house band 'The Ernie Trevino Band' or, on the large colourful Wurlitzer Jukebox, on busy nights the Barmaids could sing Jade was especially good at the Country and Lizzie handled the Pop songs but everything sounded good after a belly full of Lone Star, the gang not only played hard but fought hard aswell some nights John Wayne wouldn't have looked out of place in some of the brawls, it was much more sensible to take your business outside which is where #FF outside came into being, you just picked a target and sent the message to their name, they took the consequences on the carpark behind the pub.
JR loved this his furniture would not be turned to matchwood and he didn't have to bar anyone, if he did it was only for the rest of the night, he knew which side his bread was buttered on, you could liken it to a wild west saloon without the Gunfire.
Nicola was quite popular with the crazy gang who all missed home and loved one's and her #FF I Love You came in quite handy when she wanted to separate the men from the boys who only had the local prostitutes Traci and Nana two streets behind the pub on Kerb Crawlers alley to satisfy their drunken fumbles. They could even spend the night in a unlicenced brothel it they couldn't see there way home, run by Corny the Pimp, Traci Starry a 29 year old Brunette stood on one corner to catch the young one's and Nana 10 years older and Blond on the opposite one, between them they pretty much cleaned up.
"Deiter was dropped at the station and bid farewell by Lisa who decided to call at the Royal Hotel on the way home to see her best friend Robin Sutherland the manageress. As Lisa entered the hotel through the revolving door she heard Robin having a all too familiar row about the wine she was ordering, with owner and raconteur Anthony Lloyd. He spent his time flitting to and thro from the Royal and another hotel he owned in Oxfordshire, keeping his eye on standards and the books. Robin was Scottish with a firery nature, but underneath she just wanted to be loved, and Lisa was a welcome distraction, Anthony saw Lisa coming and made a strategic withdrawl two against one wouldn't do, he would return. Nicola was friends with both of them as she was with Lisa and they were all on her followers list. Nicola was a welcome escape for Anthony sometimes simmering down over a cream tea and a breath of sea air They also sent each other custom as they were in shouting distance proved on several occasions, but for all there rowing the hotel was run correctly and was thriving, Anthony and Robin bounced off each other but, got it right.
Salman the Indian porter with an eye for the ladies and cheeky with it, earned more in tips then he earned in wages just by complementing the ladies and gentlemen on their dress sense or carrying the fathers baggage while chatting up his daughter, even Robin had been tempted once or twice as she remembered her position and the fact she was only interested in true love and commitment, when not working Salman would hang about the bar and lobby on the off chance or stalk people around Nicola's cafe he was snubbed so many times but the girls always left smiling. The other end of town he rarly ventured only to visit the funfair on the south pier a good hunting ground for tourists, would have been a dab hand on the dodgems chatting up the girls paired up in the cars, he steered clear of the So-So Bar as he hated Chelsea being a Man.Utd. supporter and did venture once but left wishing he had it in his nature to punch someone, so he went on the pier to eye the girls once more.
It was 8 pm. and the setting sun heralded a influx of dinner guests to the hotel restaurant, Anthony had found a michelin star chef and it didn't matter if the accomodation was empty the dinner guests made it all worth while Robin was at her best running front of house chasing waiters, and making sure everybody brought bottles of wine instead of glasses she asked every single table if they enjoyed their meal even to the point of being annoying, Lisa sat back and viewed from a discreet distance, she was funny to watch but moved too fast to sketch, her sketch would have looked like a highland fling the way she jumped about. Anthony would have blown his top but the customers were happy and amused, she was a uncontrolable asset and thats that!
Someone who ate at the hotel regularly, like every night was Connie Tuttle the owner of Worley Park an imposing 18th. century mansion which stood on a hill overlooking the town directly behind the hotel she had her own private path from her back door passed the estate lake and down the hill to the rear of the hotels kitchen garden, in through the french windows to her favorite table overlooking the beach, she was a large estate owner but a farmer, a dairy farmer first and foremost and not at all stuck up, Lisa took up a good viewing position and started to sketch her slowly chewing her steak meal made from her own award winning herd, thats another reason why she ate there so many times it seemed pointless employing a chef herself when you could get the same thing cooked better and cheaper than a well paid cook at home could do. Connie was also on Nicola's twit list for campaining to get the beach a blue flag rating despite the mud flats 3/4 of a mile out at low tide, the beach shelved so gently that the tide went out to a mile at low tide, at some places along the coast the sand was firm enough to practice sand yachting and cars could drive on the beach at certain points, but not at Weston beach the sand gave way to mud and there was one firm crossing a causeway, people would often stray from the causeway path but it wasn't worth atempting the walk out unless you were a fisherman digging for lugworms, and then you walked slowly in twos and threes but you came back a darn sight quicker as the tide surged back faster than walking pace on its way up the Bristol channel which was a bottle neck the tide would surge straight up the River Severn causeing a phenomenom called the Severn Bore people at certain higher tides would ride it in canoes or even on surf boards.
People who couldn't outrun the tide were always being rescued by Captain Singh the skipper of the lifeboat who lived in site of the causeway car park on the South esplanade. He also new the path of the causeway with his eyes shut and guided many a person to safety. Apart from being the lifeboat skipper, Capt. Singh ran a fishing boat out of Bixham harbour on the south coast and would often bring lobsters for Nicola, who exchanged them at the hotel for one of connies steaks.
Above the high tide mark between the cafe and the south pier were donkey rides owned and run by Casey Needzit, Dorothy and Dennis the Donkeys gave rides for £1 for 15 minutes to the pier and back. Casey had breakfast at the cafe every morning before feeding the Donkeys. He was full of stories and legends, urban mythes you might call them, one in particular used to make the hairs stand up on the back of Nicola's neck.
"One misty dank night a young couple had a row outside this very cafe" he told an attentive audience, "The man opened up his car door and pushed out his lady friend into the cold night air, then sped off in a southerly direction along the esplanade, he knew not where was going but when he reached the car park at the far end, he had a idea what he was going to do, and he parked infront of the wooden causeway gates his headlights barely penetrating the sea mist, in those days there were still white stones marking the causeway path from there to the north pier ramp, now removed to stop people from doing what this young lad did".
"What was it he did"? asked a small boy, clutching a bucket full of sand crabs freshly picked from the rock pools behind to cafe. Nicola was going to ask him to take them outside but she let Casey finish telling him the story first.
"Well my boy" continued Casey, "The young lad put his foot down and smashed through the wooden gates, then drove headlong along the white stone markers, but half way across opposite the south pier the mist thickened and he lost sight of the stone, as he came to a sudden stop, the car began to sink and as he looked out of the window it was already down to his wheel arches, by the time he had his seat belt off, it was half way past the door he was trapped".
"Ooooh"! went the slightly bigger now audience.
"Did he get out"? asked the boy again.
"No"! answered Casey, "It sank like a stone with him in it, but it does appear now and again after a heavy storm for a few minutes when the mud is washed away but sinks again till the next time".
Then came the general appreciation, "Tsk! Tsk!, Groan! Groan"! he got the odd cup of tea for his trouble and a bit of business for his donkey rides, where they might just get a glimse of the car opposite the pier as it goes down for the third time Hah! The true story Nicola was led to believe was P.C. Bichler was chasing some joy riders in his blue and white 1980's panda car when they did drive onto the causeway and sink opposite the pier but escaped through the sun roof only to be scooped up by the P.C. as they trudged covered in mud back the way they came, P.C. Bichler made the front cover of the Weston Echo although he might have wrote the headline himself,
                                                           Local Beat Bobby Saves Youths Bobbing
As Casey left in came local cabbie James Marriott , always ready with a quip, and a laugh.
"The usual please Nicola" he said as he strode half to the conter, "But only the one sausage roll, i'm slimming" same old joke every morning, and Casey didn't escape as he passed him in the doorway.
"E'are Case, heres one for ya, Whats Brown and sounds like a Bell"? asked James.
"Go on, give us the punchline then" said Casey.
"Dung"!! quipped James, "You can have that one, tell your punters or, better still give em' a bit, tell them its got Weston-Super-Mare written through the middle". But Casey was off into the distance, and his last quip was wasted he'll have to repeat it again some morning.
He settled in the window looking at his paper to find something funny to comment on.
"Here's your tea and Two sausage rolls" said Nicola, as he was only joking about the one after all, no sooner after he gobbled down the first sausage roll, he spyed a couple at the Taxi rank  outside the Royal with Salman looking for the driver of the empty cab. James wrapped the second in his newspaper and downed his tea dribbling a bit onto his black t-shirt which read in white letters, Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls, appropriatly enough.
"By the way thanks for the offer the other night" he said turning to leave, "But i was a bit busy back and forth from the station".
"Now you know I sent you that message by mistake" said Nicola, refering to one of her secret messages he recieved  by mistake, when she was a bit worse for wear from the So-So- Bar.
"I know" he said, "Perhaps, another time" he said, tongue in cheek, "Tweet ya later". And he was off sideling up to his passenger door and opening it like a Chauffeur. Then he put on his bright yellow jacket, he thought it reminded people of a Yellow coat at a holiday camp, sort of put them in the mood for their holiday and what they was gonna be subject to whilst in his cab, the outfit was topped off with a flat cap and sunglasses, but thats not all, this man was twitter mad he even had his twitter name written across the back of his jacket  high enough to read from the passenger seats, he thought it broke the ice on the 2 mile journey to the Hotel from Weston station, @jam188thecabbie
he did gain some followers but i should think lost 50% on their return home, when they remembered him, to date he had 500 followers apposed to following 4,500 most of the 500 were locals who didn't mind his constant quips but, Nicola still had a soft spot for him it was wrapped in his newspaper!
  Chapter 2
  Death - Day 6th. June
It was now the 6th. of June D-Day in more ways than one, The town was having a carnival and bright posters were everywhere not least of all on the cafe wall another good deed by Connie Tuttle, getting all the printing done at her own expense, the So-So Bar were having a forties night, singing and jiving with the americans loving that, and Nicola was doing a forties style lunch menu curtisy of Connies printer, a bit of bunting helped to set the atmosphere, and they had a wind up gramaphone playing Glen Miller tunes.
Deiter came out dressed in a Nazi storm troopers costume and was immediately sent back and asked to change into a brown pin strip double breasted number.
The day passed without incident the bread pudding was a rousing success, but her grans old recipe for replacment turkey was disgusting and she took it off and ripped up the ration book, it was cream teas all round again as time lept forward to the next century.
The time was approaching 5 pm. time to make that call Nicola once again fumbled in her pocket and found her mothers mobile, she began typing #FF I Love You and shutting her eyes she pushed send/tweet the light up display flashed and then she saw SENT, and clutched the phone to her breast to count to 30 seconds behind her a stranger came through the door, bypassed Deiter and stood at the counter as Nicola turned still counting 25-26-27- 28-29-30, then, it rang back, could she believe her ears and it was vibrating furiously, as she answered it nervously, she caught sight of the stranger, screamed dropping the phone, it hit the hard concrete floor and smashed, it was dead.
Before her stood a what could only be described as a tramp, he had been sleeping under the pier when he was rudely awaken by forties music, fancying a cup of tea he shuffled to the cafe passed the donkeys who frankly smelt 10 times better.
"Sorry did I startle you" said the dishevelled figure.
"Yes, i mean know" said Nicola, "Where on earth did you come from".
"Prison" answered the stranger, everyone in the cafe was pricking up there earsand craning there necks to get a better view keeping their distance though, except the artist Lisa who was loving it and already half way through a sketch of him.
"What are you doing Lisa"? asked Deiter, "He could be a murderer or something". The stranger heard this and said.
"Don't worry i'm not a murderer, just someone down on his luck, the only thing i could murder is a cup of tea a full English, and a bath and shave".
"Well tea, breakfast and sympathy will do for now"  said Nicola, "Please sit in the corner next to the open window then the flies can get away from you, instead of my customers". He reminded her of someone but she couldn't put her finger on it, and she wouldn't put any part of her anatomy on him in the state he was in, she decided to take pity on him and escorted him to the back of the cafe to her mothers old room.
Theres a shower, soap whatever you need and these old clothes" and handed the stranger Deiters brown pinstripe as Deiter had decided to dress like the next century aswell by now.
"Come out when you ready for that Breakfast" she said.
And whoever was left in the cafe, which was most of them, awaited his return. When he did return he nearly got a round of applause, cleaned and tidy, hair combed, nails scrubbed he looked like a forties Spiv who needed a shave.
"Thats better" said Nicola, "Now you may eat your breakfast". and everyone settled back in their chairs as if nothing had happened. Nicola had totally forgot the mobile had answered but it was too late, that chapter of her life was over for good it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders.
Lisa began to sketch him a second time sitting opposite him and he was posing for her loving the attention for once, in so many years.
"Whats your name" asked Lisa still sketching.
"Why its Colin" he said "Colin Marriott".
"Hang on" said Lisa, "Your not James's brother are you"?.
"Why Yes" said Colin, "But he must not know i'm back, he'll have it all over the town in 5 minutes with his twittering.
"Sounds like you don't get on"? said Lisa.
"Well do you blame me"? asked Colin.
"No, having met him myself" laughed Lisa.
"Don't get me wrong" said Colin, "He has a sense of humour, he's funny, he has a sense of humour , he's funny, he has__,"
"I get the picture" said Lisa.
"He never switches it off" explained Colin, "Joke here, joke there, you couldn't go to a restuarant with him we would be chucked out while they were laughing at him".
"Yes we've met him, and we like him" said Lisa "Despite his desire to be laughed at".
"I suppose your right" said Colin, "He has his faults but his still my bruv right, anyway, i'm just here to pick up my mobile phone, as it has all my business contacts in it.
"By the way" said Lisa, "Why were you in prison".
"I had a fight" said Colin, "In the So-So Bar, I put someone in hospital, ABH they called it, what happened was me and James were having a drink we were quite rowdy but thats okay, its quite a rowdy place right"?
"Right" agreed Lisa.
"Anyway James started to take the mickey out of some of the Yanks and they were offended and offered James outside, well he's funny but he can't fight so i went with him to the car park at the rear, but instead of just one waiting for him, there were several so i waded in first and done alot of damage so much so that they called an ambulance and took one guy away. I was arrested and James got away without a scratch.
There were a dozen witnesses saying i threw the first punch, which i admitted, but explained if i had not done so i would not have been standing before them, lying yes or in a wheelchair perhaps. I got 18 months, and was released 6 months ago.
"But why not just return home" asked Lisa.
"Well" said Colin "The yanks vowed to do me and my brother some serious harm if i returned, so thats why i'm laying low, he can't be the James you know and love, with me here, they'd kill him"
Nicola returned and Lisa said she would not let on, about Colin.
"Well its 6 pm." said Nicola, "How about a quick one at the So-So Bar"?
"No"! interupted Lisa, "Lets try the Hotel Bar, instead i can have a chat with Robin aswell"
"Fine by me" said Colin.
"Right Hotel it is then" said Niciola, "Our friend here won't look out of place there either as its forties night there aswell, by the way what is your name"?
"Its Richard" said Lisa, "Trying to keep his secret".
"Actually its Colin" said Colin, "We haven't actually met before formally that is and he shook her hand.
"Well I don't know a Colin" said Nicola, "But you do look familiar its that face, i still can't put my finger on it but i will". and they left the cafe for the short walk to the hotel.
"We have a telegram here from Florida" said Robin to Anthony,
Sounds like someone in a hurry i would have had a couple of days in London if i was coming in from Miami".
"Any more" asked Anthony?
"Yes a Mr.Smith arriving any minute" said Robin.
"Make sure he's booked in for his evening meal even if he's not hungary" said Anthony. "The restaurant is full otherwise".
"Aye! Aye! Captain" joked Robin, mimicking Scotty from Star Trek, looking forward to some new faces arriving. She liked the sound of this Happyburg man from Florida well thats how she spelt it on a piece of card in felt tip, for cabbie James to hold up at busy Weston station tomorrow.
And speaking of new faces in strolled the new friends from the cafe waving at Robin at reception and moving to the bar area.
"Bit short staffed see you later" Robin mouthed to Lisa, and carried on working.
At Weston police station next door P.C. Joseph Bichler was writing in the log book, and noticed a complete absence of any offences committed since yesterday being D-Day and the Forties celebrations and all, and yesterday it was only his arrest, logged which wasn't in the first place more of a mistaken identity, P.C. Bichler caught a man pissing up a wall in a alleyway but after he reported it from a distance he found it was a leaky tap with a workmans jacket hanging above. That was another reason why he was still a beat officer walking the sea front from one end  to the other, twice a day he was poular with the residents and always had the correct time on his watch and chain when asked, mainly because he walked past the clock tower with four faces above the ladies and gent toilets on the esplanade and looked and adjusted it.
"I don't know if its worth mentioning" said Joseph, to the young D.C. in the office next to the desk,  "But there is a convict on the loose escaped from prison, comes from round here, bit of a sociapath apparantly.
"Where did you read that in the day book" asked D.C. Eddyboylip.
"No, in the Daily Mirror" said Joseph, and handed it to the young D.C.
"What shall i do"? asked Joseph.
"Bung it in the Day Book" said the D.C. and took the paper to read, the footie section, "Whoo! i see Chelsea are buying big again that'll please JR at the So-So Bar".
"Where's the D.I. tonight then"? asked Joseph.
"Er, its his night off" said the D.C. "Said he was going to in at the So-So for a pint after his haddock and chips on the sea front".
"Night off"? said Joseph, "Your never off in this game, he'll be back to check on us later, besides he's got to walk past to get home".
At the So-So Bar they was getting ready for a busy night of jumping and jiving Jade was setting up the sound system, testing the mic. etc. she wanted to sound good for the audience later.
Lizzie the other barmaid was wiping down tables and emptying ash trays of peanut packets and cigarette cartons, it was illegal to smoke inside but they still left, their rubbish behind, when the guys needed a smoke they either used the shelter in the car park out back or, sat on the sea wall opposite. Their favorite spot was marked by a thousand stubbed out cigarette burns, at the top of the wood stairs to the beach, below the stairs the sea would lap against the rocks at high tide.
Just then a poster, more of a flyer was posted through the door, it fell to the floor and the letterbox closed with a loud rap! making Lizzie scream".
"Wahhh! what was that" she screamed, turning as it hit the mat, "Someone just posted something through the door" said Lizzie.
"Won't be the postman he usually plonks it on the bar when we're open" sais Jade.
"But we opened 5 minutes ago" said Lizzie, opening the door to see no one in sight, in either direction. She bent down and picked up the poster and read it, "Hey this sounds cool, ALL NEW PAINT BALLING, the gang would love this, they miss their hunting over hear", and she pinned it up on the wall next to the gents toilet they would be sure to see it there, as they pass about a dozen times per evening.
"How we going girls any trade yet" said JR, hearing Lizzies yelp and coming down from his flat above to investigate"
"No, its quiet" said Jade.
"Well lets liven it up"! said JR and switched on the Juke Box pressing a very worn out J and 7 buttons.
J 7 click >>>
"That'll get the party started" said JR, every time they played it the Lone Star brewery guys cleared the cold shelf. looking forward to their first
Up at the Lone Star Brewery just outside Weston, it was end of the day shift and the crazy gang were looking forward to there first cold one at the So-So, in the locker room on the noticeboard was a poster advertising the paint balling event tomorrow after shift.
"Hey you guys have you seen this" said Jeff Gray, the foreman he was always looking for ways of boosting the guys moral, stop them missing home. "Sounds fun".
"Hell yeah"! said Ernie Trevino,"How about the Band v the Crazy gang", refering to his Red Dirt Country Music Band, he formed back in the States from Brewery workers, 'The Ernie Trevino Band', they had cut a record  before they volunteered for a stint in England, entertaining, whilst showing the Brits how to make Real beer, Ha Ha!
"Thats settled then" said Jeff, "It'll make a nice change from the Carnival tomorrow we'll leave that to the Brits".
"It says here" explained Brent Allen, "The company bus is taking us, must have been organised by the boss, Good ol' Lone Star ATX",
They trooped out through the reception from the locker room passing, receptionist Susan Jenkins Cowan on the desk.
"Night Darlin."! they said in unison.
Jeff paused a moment, by the desk.
"Good night guys"! she replied smiling, "Yes Jeff, what can i do for you" still smiling.
"Well"! said Jeff, lookig down and tapping his toe cap on the front of the desk, bashful like, "I just wondered, if you fancied some of this, and he showed her the poster from the notice board.
"Paint Balling"! she exclaimed, "Are you serious, that stuff hurts, besides i'm off tomorrow".
"So am I" said Jeff lets meet up in the So-So Bar, i'll get the bus to pick us up on the way through".
"Well okay" agreed Susan, "Maybe i'll just watch, i'll be your cheerleader, how's that, now get lost your holding the bus up"!
Jeff laughed to himself, it was the first time he had plucked up the courage to ask her out, if you could call it that, Susan smiled to herself thinking it was about time too, as he was the only single guy in the gang.
All the other were married or missing their sweethearts back home, which is why they raised hell all the time stopping them from going stircrazy.
Outside the Company Bus driven by Chester, was waiting, full of thirsty workers.
"I bet your looking forward to a cold one aye boys" said Chester.
"Hell yeah"! they shouted back and, "Whoopa! lets get some", when Jeff finally got on the bus.
"Hit the road Chester" said Jeff, "There open and i'm buying".
"I'll second that" said Ernie.
Chester pulled out of the main gate, and headed down the steep hill for town, the lights of the Fun fair were twinkling in the cool Twilight air. At the So-So Bar Jade warmed up her voice singing along to a couple of Patsy Cline tracks and was just finishing, 'I Fall to Pieces' when the back door was kicked open and in trooped the Crazy gang, somebody pressed J7 and thats was that in for a session.
From the back of the bar appeared JR dressed in G.I. dress uniform, with his cap thru his shoulder epelete, as you do.
"Wooohe"! said Brent, "What is this then"?
"Forties nite"! said JR "Aren't you getting dressed up then"?
"What as"? asked Brent.
"Why Yanks of course"! exclaimed JR.
"Why we don't have to dress as Yanks" shouted Brent, "We are Yanks"! and if he had a sixshooter in his hand he would have shot it in the air it was that kind of moment.
"Fucking 'A" they all shouted" and pushed J7 again.
Then the Ernie Trevino band struck up some Jive music and it was VE day all over again, other customers were arriving some dressed up some not, one of them was Local D.I. Alan Gibson wiping the last remnants of his fish and chips from his lips with a paper napkin.
"Allo" plods in" said JR to the D.I.
"Thats Mr.Plod to you" said Alan, sharing his joke. "Good atmosphere JR, lets hope it stays awhile".
"It will in here" said JR "Can't guarantee outside, thats you territory, what you having"?
"I'll just have a swift pint", not that Yank stuff a warm English Westcountry ale i think" said Alan smacking his lips ans holding out a Tenner.
"Thanks" said JR handing him his pint, and refusing payment, "On the house".
"Oh"! said Alan, "How kind, i wish i could stay longer".
"No problem" said JR, "Anything for the Fuzz, Heh heh"! Him and Alan went back aways the So-So Bar sounds like a Dive but, when JR first arrived before a Lone Star brewery was even thought of, it was a drink and drugs hell hole, dark smelling of weed and piss beer trade was non-existent, but JR stamped his authority on it the day he put his name over the Door, he was a hard man on the pitch and even harder off it, Vinnie Jones followed in his wake, he could have been called 'Chopper' if Ron Harris hadn't have got there first.
Alan a D.C. back then almosted camped outside as JR removed each offending part of it chucking them Alans way, then he shut it for refurbishment and the rest is history.
Just then a trill came from a mobile phone it went around the bar, people were checking in their pockets and it was found to be coming from Chesters, the Bus driver, who had been dragged in with the rest of the gang, for a swift one, he looked at it still buzzing in his hand and hit the answer button, reading to himself, he smiled his lips mouthing the tweet message,
@mrsoliverramsay nicola harper
#FF I Love You - End of Pier
He would have have let out a Yeaha! and shared it with the gang if he hadn't of figured out where it was from but, he simply switch it off and putting in his pocket made his way to the bus to lock it up,putting the keys in the same pocket. Then he pulled his Bandana up over his mouth to keep out the misty chill on the pier and crossed the road to the noisey throng that was the pier Fun fair, people were used to seeing Chester with his scarf making him look like Jessy James, as he constantly suffered with colds from the lovely English weather, they knew to keep their distance when his Bandana was up.
The Pier was extra noisey and busy because of the Carnival tomorrow, and Chester walked unseen to the end of the pier under the ferris wheel where he usually met Nicola. Then in the misty Gloom he saw a figure, beckoning to him to follow, eagerly he did, to the top of a set of stairs that led to a landing stage, at the pier head, but as he descended the stairs, he was tripped from behind and shoved in the back, half dazed after he hit his head on the metal railing, he felt a noose being place around his neck and he was hauled up to a height just below the deck of the pier he could not be seen from land he could not be saved and was left to hang!!
Back in the So-So Bar Chester wasn't missed as they all got drunker, Alan the D.I. waved good bye from the door as her existed the scene stage left, to walk back north homeward he saw a dark shape shuffle across the road with a Bandana over his face wearing Chesters Bus company Jacket.
"Crazy Yanks"  he said to himself, recognising it was Chester, who walked down the side street towards the car park, to find the Bus locked, the assailant groaned and felt in his pockets to find a mobile phone which he laughed at and a set of keys, thank god he thought, then he unlocked the bus and found all manner of interesting items for his collection in the glove box, photos, house keys, all these items could lead to another  victim. He started up the bus and drove out of the car park left then onto the esplanade and headed south.
Captain Singh was looking forward to a night in front of the TV he lived alone, his wife had long since left him, fed up with his long days and weeks away fishing, he used to stay aboard his boat in Brixham, between trips and come home one week in four, somebody covered his Lifeboat duties when not in town, there were never many call outs by the coast guard unless it was a shipping lane accident in the Bristol channel which was rare with todays technology. His peace was disturbed by a vehicle driving into his rear driveway crunching on the shingle as it was ment to. It was realiable as a guard dog and you could hear even a first footstep coming towards the house.And he did hear footsteps and opened the back door of his kitchen.
Two streets away business was brisk for the two Pros. Traci and Nana they were hardly upright all evening in and out of Corny's Brothel, kerb crawlers and customers from the pub kept them busy. One such vehicle slowed to a halt and flashed his head lights, on full beam Traci Starry squinted in the bright lights as she walked towards, what she recognised as a Minibus,. Nana looked on as Traci leaned in the vehicles window 50 yards away. Then she was distracted by a punter stopped in front of her, by the time she looked up the vehicle and Traci were gone, which wasn't that unusual in there oldest profession she would expect here back in 15 minutes or a bit longer in some cases.
D.I. Alan gibson was reaching his destination unaware of the mayhem he left behind at the far end of Weston, all he knew was that bit of haddock was repeating on him something terrible, he was about to pass the hotel on his way to looking in at the police station, when he heard the dulcet tones of Glen Miller coming from the Royal Hotel Nicola had gone back to the Cafe and fetched her gramaphone for Robin who was swooning and swaying asking people to dance, Anthony was looking on through his fingers trying not to look at her antics but the people were loving it, Late arrival Mr.Smith who had just this minute come in out of breath was seated with Connie Tuttle and she seemed to like the company. Who was still catching his breath after being dropped at the wrong end of the sea front by a rougue minicab driver giving him the scenic route he was telling Connie, still he was just in time for his dinner before the kitchen closed, Anthony liked that at least Robin was on the ball, Wacky but on the ball.
"What kind of business are you in Mr.Smith" asked Connie, tapping her feet to Glen Miller.
"Erm, hi-technology" answered her dinner partner, now settling down to his soup starter, "Mobile phones, i sell them and collect them, don't know why, i'm facinated by the way technology changes so quickly, todays gadget is tomorrows bin fodder i still use a 5 year old Nokia thats ancient by todays standards. By the time you save up for a ipad 1 they bring out a ipad 2, its Bullshit, excuse my french Mr.Tuttle, to me they should wait a couple of years and only release the better version.........blah, blah, blah,blah, boring blah, blah!
Connie was lost in the music when she spotted D.I. Gibson at the bar, lured in by the same sound, and he would have made a swift exit if he saw her coming, but she was by his side as he ordered a pint.
"Oh, thats nice of you"! she said to Alan "I'll have a Dry white wine".
"Oh, hello Mrs.Tuttle" said Alan.
"Miss" said Connie correcting him, "But please call me Connie".
"Do you think thats wise" said Alan. who had previously met her on several false alarms when she said she was being burgled, then harassed and spyed on from the woods on Worley Park estate. When it was her harassing the police wanting some male company. Alan had several narrow escapes, one when she said she had a intruder under her bed.
Just then Colin turned round and caught Alans eye, he had been sitting on a bar stool, pulling his arm from Connies grip her proceeded to deduce who he was, opening that filing cabinet brain of his and searching the photos.
"Its Colin, isn't it"? asked Alan, tapping him on the shoulder, "Colin Marriott 18 months ABH where have you been, we've been expecting you back along time ago"?
"Here and there" said Colin "You know how it is, paid me dues now picking up the pieces.
"Well not quite paid lad" said Alan, "You supposed to report in weekly according to our records nobodys seen hide nor hair of you for 6 months".
"Well I didn't know that" said Colin.
"Its a condition of your parole isn't it"? Asked Alan.
"I'm not on parole" said Colin, "I served full term i'm a free agent". Alans Filing cabinet brain slam shut.
"Well next time don't be a secret agent, excuse the Pun"! said Alan.
And with that he turned as his haddock repeated on him loudly, and indicated with a nod it was Connie and beat a retreat to the Police station.
Connie shuffled back to her table, to find Mr.Smith on his desert.
"When you've finished that you can see me home" annouced Connie.
"Glad to said Mr.Smith" satisfied with his meal. He rose and helped Connie to her feet and she led him through the french doors, towards her house.
Anthony spyed he had gone, Robin was chatting at the Bar.
"Has anybody seen Mr.Smith"? he asked so Robin could hear.
"Yes he's having dinner" she said and pointed to the last place he was seen. "Oh, well he was there, has anybody seen Mr.Smith"? she asked loudly
"Do you mean this Guy" said Lisa showing her his Sketch, the guy with Connie Tuttle"?
"Yes thats him" said Robin, "Where did he go"?
"Out the french windows with Connie" answered Lisa.
"What was that"? said Anthony, "He left with dinner in side him and hasn't even checked in yet"!
"Don't worry" said Robin, "I have his baggage, let him have his fun we'll see him later, if Connie lets him go that is"! and she laughed to Anthonys dismay.
Now this is where I did a round up of the evenings events and put the cast to bed for the night only, Blogspot / Fecked it all up and knock of the rest Chapter 2, but I will recap and bring you up to speed, as to how we left it last night. Because that was all in my head and not written down on Micro.Word. The Next Chapter is so we're safe from now on.
If the chief Engineer at was standing here now he would surely be next on the hit list.
  • Mr.Smith arrives back from Connies and retires for the night, Leaving Connie with her housekeeper Julia hodgson,
Nicola, is asleep at the cafe with Colin (James estranged Brother) in separate rooms,
P.C.Bichler is on the night shift at the police station,
D.I. Gibson has the shits at home from Yorkies Chippy's off Haddock.
D.C. Eddy home in bed,
Lisa Allen home in her cottage,
Deiter the waiter at home,
Salman the hotel porter in bed dreaming about the new receptionist,
Robin and Anthony asleep, hotel over for day,
Lesbian Barber Julia Lashley puts the final touches to her float for the carnival tomorrow at 1 pm. she is the Carnival Queen dressed in shocking pink. Brazilian twins Mingetta & Rugamuncha her beauticians are also ready with there costumes,
The So-So Bar staff are having a last drink before bed.
The Sociopath is in his Lair for the night, having killer the Pimp Corney by slashing his throat with Chesters Knife and leaving it at the scene, and kidnapped the 2nd. Pro. Nana taking her on a blindfolded drive to be reunited with pro. no.1 Traci in a cage in the Sociopaths cellar.
Allen Haberburg arrives from Florida and is in a Heathrow airport for the night expected to arrive at Weston station midday tomorrow,
Chesters Body hangs below the pier head sight unseen, picked at by the seagulls.
Jade plays a last tune on the So-So's juke box which echoes from the south esplanade to the south at the cool misty end of chapter 2.
                                                                            Chapter 3
     Carnival Carnage
A train pulls into Weston Station, the station cat gets up and stretches in the morning sun peeking over the trees on the far side of the track, the automatic doors open and out steps a highly polished pair of expensive mens shoes filled by a equally expensive looking man his name was Vince, he turnedslowly to see a elegant older lady smiling at him and waving good-bye! he in turn waved back then turned and examined what he had in his other hand it was the ladies purse, choc full of things he desired, money, credit cards and oh! yes a her ticket, which he handed to the ticket collector.
The official examined it closely.
"Hang-on a Mo" he said. Vince swallowed hard and enquired why?
"This ticket is for Barnstaple" said the curious official, "Your not even in the right county, not to mention the right station.
"Yes, i know" said Vince, "Just got off for a bit of sight seeing".
"Well so long as you know its not tranferable, you'll have to purchase another one to contnue" said the Jobsworth.
"No problem" said vince flashing his wade at the official, "How do i get to the Royal Hotel"?
"Straight down that way turn right 2 miles" he answered, "If i was you with that cash i'd take the taxi there", pointing out James sitting tweeting on his phone in the driving seat. He saw Vinces smart appearance in the rear view mirror and was at his rear passenger holding it open in a instant, yellow jacket the lot.
"Where to" asked James.
"The Royal" said Vince refusing the back and opting for the front passenger seat, that was option one to introduce the subject of twitter out the window, he couldn't see the back of his jacket, option two was.
"Do you tweet Sir"? asked James.
"What do you mean"? asked Vince, knowing anyway.
"Twitter Sir, do you Tweet"? asked James.
"Nop" said Vince, and got out at the hotel to walk arond the front of the cab to the drivers window to pay.
"Well, have a nice stay Mr. erm' what did you say your name was", that was James last shot if he had a name he could track him down on twitter.
"I didn't" said Vince, and paid James including a small tip.
James dejected parked in the rank alittle way forwardand decided to take out his disappointment on Casey the Donkey Wrangler once more.
Vince meanwhile, climbed the steps to the Hotel and surveyed his new hunting ground. He looked around and took in everything that could have been a help to him further his cause fleecing the inhabitants. James being welcomed at the Cafe by Nicola, Casey walking away and putting his fingers up to James latest quip, Colin coming out of the other door avoiding James, P.C.Bichler putting on his bicycle clips to walk his bike to his flat  near the chippy 200 yards away, the bunting and the posters advertising todays Carnival, the hazy mist was slowly lifting of the sea with the rising heat, and the pier with its ferris wheel glinting in the morning light.
"Yes" he said to himself, "A good hunting ground", and he walked towards the revolving door.
Inside Robin was chasing about Agnes the cleaner, making sure the new recruit Nola would see the place as it was ment to be, she made her polish the desk twice. Then in through the door came the newcomer and when Robin saw him she said.
"Wow", exactly the reaction Vince caused and liked in most women, and he himself was dumb struck when he saw the vision coming down the stairs behind the desk from the staff quarters, 5' 4" 135lbs long brown hair, green eyes, it was Nola the new receptionist the new arrival remembered his part and got back into character ignoring the picture of lovelyness standing now by the desk. Ignoring the lesser staff Vince complimented Robin on her appearance and her lovely hotel,
"Why thank you kind Sir" she said, vocally showing Nola how to handle guests.
"And have you a booking Sir" she asked Vince.
"No, I heard there was a Carnival and came on the recommendation of previous guests, and i must say looking at you i haven't been disapointed.
"Hah"! said the cleaner, recognising flannel when she heard it, not impressed by his soft soap. Robin pushed her to the rear.
"Thank you Agnes" said Robin, ushering her still further away, "Take the rest of the morning off"
"I finished half an hour ago officially" complained Agnes still in earshot shuffling off in the distance, Robin laughed nervously to try and drown out her comments, then asked.
"Would you like to sign in mister"?
"Bond, Vince Bond" he said and kissed the back off Robins hand, she melted  at once and had a hot flush. Good job Agnes was out of earshot she might have said pull the other one. Nola wasn't impressed and stood with her arms folded raising her eye brows at him, locked doors in body language for him he'll have to find a key to those.
"How long will you be staying" asked Robin fanning herself with his registration card.
"Depends on the local scenery" said Vince, still holding her hand, making Robin squerm.
"If im enjoying myself, who knows i may stay on a while. Robin noticed Nola was feeling uncomfortable with Vinces attention so she withdrew her hand and handed Vince his room key.
"Is it near yours"? asked Vince.
"No! No"! said Robin, "I'm on the other side", and she just stopped short of telling him her room number, so she rung the bell for Salman the porter.
"Wow" exclaimed Salman, "What a babe", as he met his new workmate. Now she blushed and her hands went into fiddling with hair mode, up for it in Vinces body language recognition code, Salman looked at Vinces key and annouced.
"Its second floor for you my friend, follow me to the lift", Salman led him off, Vince winked at Nola as he went but the arms folded again tight, locked out again he'd try again later.
Robin now cooled down said.
"Ooh! la la! what a man"
"Well he seems to think so" said Nola, not impressed at all at his antics. they settled down to the mornings bookings, and checkouts list.
Julia hodgson left 'Bessie Bollocks' cottage and ambled slowly up to Worley Park house and unlocked the rear door, pushing it open, she sensed something was wrong the radio in the kitchen wasn't playing as usual when Connie got up to make a cup of tea at 6 am. and there was no cheerful humming and singing another sign of something afoot Julia climbed the stairs and Connies door was shut now she was really anxious and flung open the door Connie never stirred she was cold and motionless Julia felt her hand and gasped it was stone cold and rigor mortise was fully set.
"Oh my God"!! screamed Julia, "She must have been dead when i went home, died in her sleep, got to phone some one, police, ambulance, not the fire brigade, no shes not alight, police thats it,,  sudden death police go", she told herself, and rushed down to the hall phone and phoned the police.
D.C. Eddyboylip was making a morning cuppa when the phone broke the silence.
"Hello Weston nick here" he said, "Crimes solved, we don't take in washing".
"Its Connie, shes dead" said the voice.
"Who is this"? asked the D.C. "Is this some kind of a joke".
"No it isn't shout the worried house keeper".
"And you are" asked the D.C. writing it in the day book.
"Its me Julia from 'Bessie Bollocks Cottage'
"Oh yes your the house keeper aren't you, I remember you from last time", thinking here we go again men under the bed time.
"How do you know she is dead"? he asked.
"She's stone cold" shouted Julia.
"Have you shook her" asked the D.C.taking the Mick.
"Well, no" said Julia.
"Well she might have taken a sleeping pill, go and give her a shake or, better still got a hat pin, stick it in her and remember, i didn't tell you to do it", and he smirked not believing her one bit due to previous reports, and he wasn't going to disturb D.I. Gibson and his squirts.The phone rang again.
"Hello, Archery Club, We Aim To Please" said the cheeky D.I. oh its you again is it.
"I stuck the hatpin in as you asked" informed Julia.
"And" said the wincing D.C.
"There was a bit of blood" said Julia, "But, she hasn't moved".
"Crikey" said the D.C. finally springing into action, "Someone will be with you shortly, in the mean time can you call an ambulance he rang off. Next he called P.C. Bichler.
"Hello Joseph its Eddy hear get your skates on, Connie Tuttles dead, said the D.C. "No i'm serious, no joke, What! call the D.I. Ooh! do i have to, okay"! Joseph said he would come immediatly and take over the desk. D.C.Eddy called Allen who was taking his immodium and nearly recovered.
D.I. Alan Gibson groaned for the umpteenth time as he sat on his lavatory reading his Weston Advertiser, swearing to himself as he came across a advert for Yorkies sea front Chippy.
"Whats this"? said Alan, "The finest locally caught fish, who's he trying to kid, you wait till monday pal, i'll have the Enviromental health officer round and they won't be nibbling on your road kill burgers". The phone rang and Alan pull his trousers up and got to the phone. "Yes what is it"? he asked.
"You might want to come in Sir" said the D.C. "Connie Tuttles dead and we need to get our act together".
"Have they shook her"? asked Alan.
"Yes we've done all that" said the D.C. "I afraid its for really, this time".
"Poor old Bird"! said Alan, "Pick me up in the Car i'm not walking anywhere"
"See you in 5 minutes" said the D.C.
"Can you make it 15" said Alan, as he groaned once more.
It was 9.30 am. and there was a tap on Vince Bonds hotel room door, he opened it to find the gorgeous  Nola standing in the doorway.
"That was some act" she said, "Who do you think you are 'James Bond'".
"Could be" said Vince, "I can be anyone i wish and held up a series of credit cards with a range of identities.
"Just make sure you don't take it too far" she said, "Vince, sounds okay but Bond, fetch me bucket" and she put two fingers in her mouth as to mimicking throwing up. Of curse they were a double act inside info on guests supplied by Nola, real name Beth, the picking could be rich and she could get extra info by stringing along Salman. But for now she rewarded, Vince for his cheesy entrance, into the game.
"I can only stay 5 minutes" she said, as she removed all her clothes, Vince eyes lit up as he let his towel drop to the floor, he was about to take a shower when she arrived,
THE NEXT SECTION HAS BEEN CENSORED BY THE BRITISH BOARD OF CONTROL **************jump into large double bed ******* on her large (o)(o)************((o)) >> << >>  << >> till she :0)********couldn't get it **************up again :0( >>>>>So she left! Vince laid back and thought how lucky he was, then he went for his shower. Nola arrived back at the desk and relieved Robin who too was eager to take her break and she soon navigated to Vinces room, there was abit more *******Hoots! Mon!****(o)(o)******and ******Aye! Laddie!*********( (o) ) ******and even a thought of ***********Tha! Noooo! *******( )o( )******* Robin left with a smile on her face but Vince was a bit :0( Knackered, but not a bad start to his stay, he thought.
At reception Nola was checking in guests left, right and centre, Salman was bouncing around on a high winking at Nola and getting smiles in return, she already had him wrapped around her little finger. The stage was set for operation Fleece the Tourists, Salman was talked into giving information on baggage such as jewelry cases and thicknesses of wallets with credit cards, etc. Vinc would wander about the Bar and bump into people now and again, relieving them of their wallets but, if they didn't have much he handed it to Nola as lost property. He had a kind heart aswell.
Its was time for Allen Haperburg to be picked up from Weston Station James collected his sign from the hotel reception and with a failed quip or two he made his exit to travel to the station. At the station Allen had arrived and was being interrogated by the ticket collector.
"Staying long are we"? asked the nosey official.
"About a week" replied Allen.
"Oh! another American" said the collector, "Well theres plenty of your lot down at the So-So Bar, other end of Weston.
"Thank you, i'll bear that in mind" replied Allen getting away from the official. James arrived and got out Allen in a hurry was eager to get in and was already seated in the back, as James got his Mr. Happyburg sign from the boot. He saw Allen sitting in the back.
"Ah! Mr. Happyburg i presume"? asked James.
"Its Haberburg" said Allen.
"Oh! sorry" said James, "Not my sign and dumped it in the bin". not wanting to offend his passenger. I'll have to take you via the unorthodox route as they've started blocking off the traffic for the Carnival parade, complete Bullshit but it would give James a bit more time too work on his twitter patter. He turned left and took him on a tour of the redlight district and the back of the fishermans cottages, by the time he reach the South car park, to finally turn north up the esplanade he was sending a message to Allen whilst driving, as he gained control of the car and returned to his side of the road, Allen's phone buzzed with his tweet, just to appease the smiling cabbie, Allen answered it.
"Stop this car at once"! shouted Allen.
"Wha! What!" asked James, slghtly puzzled and grinding to a halt.
"Where did this message come from"  asked Allen, confused, looking at  his phone.
"What, hello"? asked James.
"No, this one" said Allen, showing his Blackberry to James. James read it  #FF I Love You ?
"Oh!" said James, "I pushed that instant message by mistake".
"Do you mean to say"? askedAllen, "That's one of  your messages"?  Thinking he travelled thousands of miles for a cabbies wrong number?!!
"Oh! no, well yes, but actually no" babbled James. "I recieved it by mistake also"
"Please tell me it was from a young lady"? asked Allen.
"Well, shes not that young but yes" replied James.
"Is it by any, chance a lady called Nicola"? asked Allen.
"Why yes" said James, "But how did you know"?
"Never you mind" said Allen, "Drive on to the hotel now please". James shrugged his shoulders and thought, ' he's only been in the country 5 minutes and he's pulled his bird '. The cab drew up outside the hotel and the American paid with a large ti.
"Thank you" said Allen, "Keep the change you have put my mind at rest".James didn't know what he ment but with triple fare and a tip, a sausage roll or two was on the cards, he might even treat himself later with a Fish and Chips from Yorkies fish emporium. For now it was a visit to the cafe.
Colin was sat in the corner and raised his newspaper up as James shouted.
"Al'wight Eyore"! to Casey, and got the usual reply, "Yes that's two Donkeys you've got correct". As he reach the counter Deiter had his sausage rolls on a plate and a mug of tea at the ready.
"I'll have a coffee and a 'french fancy' please" annouced James, Deiter trying to be efficient gulped. "Only joshing" said James, and sat in the window as usual.
"Heard the rumour James" said Nicola entering, "Connie's Dead".
"What"! said James, "There goes the Carnival up the Spout then"! not really bothered.
"The Carnival is all arranged, it will run like clockwork" said Nicola. Lisa came in for her lunch.
"Have you heard" she said, "Its all around the town, Connie, dead, can't believe it, and i've just finished her portrait, what a pity".
"We should hang it up, perhaps on the wall here" said Nicola, and imaged it above the table over the cutlery tray, "As a sign of respect".
Up at Worley Park D.I. Gibson was deducing the nature of Connies death from inside her onsuite Loo!
"To me it seems the lady died of natural causes" said the D.I. "Locked in no forced entries", as he emerged from within.
"Just a visitor a Mr. Smith" said the D.C. reading from his notepad, "A  Mr. Smith, a hotel guest".
"We'll be talking to him later" said Allen.
"There's another thing" said D.C. Eddy, "A funny smell like somethings off".
"Ahem! light a match that usually does the trick" said Allen, "And lets be away on our toes to the hotel to see Mr. Smith.
They walked the steep path down to the Royal Hotel and could see in the distance festivities getting under way on the esplanade. The Brass Band was tuning up in the south car park and the floats were asembling around the corner behind the fishermans cottages. The Lesbian Barber Julia Lashley's float was at the front, Mingetta and Rugamuncha looked fabulous the band struck up ' Oh! I do Like To Be Beside The Seaside'  and started the possession right on time at 1 pm. Julia Lashley Sat on her pink glittering thone and her driver rolled forward in front Mingetta and Rugamuncha were elegant Julia looked every bit the Queen of the Carnival.
Next in line was the local Builders Bodghit  & Scarper but it was only half finished and they had gone home early.
Next came the slightly better Builders Underpin and Makegood. followed by their sponsored Paints and Ladders the decorating shop.
Then came the So-So Bar with a country and Western theme with 10ft. tall Lone Star Beer bottle.
Then the FunFair Never-Ever-land.
Next was Yorkie Gavin on his Bike with a Fishing Rod.
And finally the local paper the Walton Advertiser with a small bus covered in adverts, showing different events, the Carnival, the Forties dinner at the Royal Hotel, the Forties night at So-So Bar the Cafe, the Donkeys, and the newest one the Paintballing. as it was a small procession they turned round and returned dropping out at their business premises leaving the brass band to reach the south car park alone. At the turn round point near the police station P.C Bichler informed them of Connies death and return journey was done in silence, as a mark of respect.
At the police station D.I. and D.C. were interrogating  Mr.Smith.
"Interview with Mr. Smith, 3.35 pm. D.I. Gibson D.C. Eddyboylip in attendance" said D.I. Gibson loudly.
"Where were you last night at 11 pm."? Mr Smith.
"Why, I was with Connie Tuttle" the Lady up the hill there.
"Ah! you admit it then" said the D.C.
"Yes, why wouldn't I"? said Smith.
"Why, because she's dead, that's why" said the D.I. Smith looked shocked.
"You look shocked Mr. Smith" said the D.C.
"I am" said Smith.
"Guv, can i see you outside" said the D.C.
"Certainly" said the D.I. "Interview suspended 3.45 pm." he said loudly.
"Can we do Good Cop Bad Cop"? asked the D.C.
"Why" said the D.I.
" Because I've always wanted to" said the D.C.
"Don't worry about it" said the D.I. "I know your a bad cop" already.
"Thanks Guv." said the D.C. "Oh and by the way, why do you keep saying loudly, interview started interview suspended"?
"Don't know i think it was on the Bill" said the D.I.
They re-entered the room and D.I. Gibson summed up what he thought had happened.
"Mr. Smith I put it to you that you were rejected by Connie Tuttle after a sexual advance, and smothered her with a pillow killing her and quietly sneaked away back to the hotel".
"And I put it to you that, iwas told to leave by the housekeeper because her mistress needed her sleep, and i left while she was in her sitting room". said Smith.
"Oh! in that case said the D.I. "Your free to go". and D.C. Eddy showed him out. "Interview finished 3.55 pm. who am i kidding, we haven't got a tape recorder". he smirked.
At the hotel Allen Haberburg was relaxing in the hotel lounge trying to get over the last effects of jet lag, dozing in a deep leather armchair. He wanted to visit Nicola at the cafe but, he thought he better be more livlier than he was, so he had ordered a pot of coffee. Vince entered and sat opposite him, he'd been out in the crowds watching the procession and had of loaded his haul of wallets and purses, onto his bed ready for sorting later with Nola.
"May i join you Sir"? Vince asked.
"Pardon" said Allen.
"Would you like some company"? asked Vince.
"Oh! yes, please do join me" said Allen, "And have a coffee".
"American are you"? said Vince, "You Yanks and your coffee". of course he already Knew, Nola had filled him in, as to who he was but he wasn't one of Vince's targets for now,  although he knew where he was from and things about his home town, which would just about convince Allen he had visited there, but  for now he just wanted some intelligent conversation to unwind.
"Do you know the States"? asked Allen.
"A little" said Vince, "I have family in Florida".
"Small world, I'm from Florida myself" said Allen pleased with his company.
"Well, we could swap stories" said Vince, "How about a walk down the Promonade this evening, I hear some yanks are encamped in a English pub at the far end, and its pretty lively".
"Sure, I'd like that" said Allen, it was just the tonic he needed.
"Great, I'll meet you in the bar at say, 6 pm." said Vince.
"I'll be there fella, and thanks" said Allen, he could leave meeting Nicola till tomorrow. Vince informed Nola of his plans and told her to expect some hot action later, he knew what buttons to push with her she would sort the pick pocketing  haul, before he returned.
At the Lone Star Brewery the Gang were looking forward to the paint balling event, and were goading each other.
"Your going down" said Thunderosa, to Ernie Trevino.
"No way" said Ernie, "You guys are toast". It was only half an hour to go and they would be in the battle to survive.
"The day has not dawned yet, when you take down this Texan" said Brent Allen.
"You tell him Brent" said Adam Drake.
"Anytime your ready Ernie" said Red Se7en.
At the So-So Bar, they were open and Susan Jenkins Cowan was meeting up with Jeff Gray, they had been off for the day and were expecting a lift to the paint balling event, on the way through by Chester.
At the rear of the pub, Chesters bus was pulling out of the car park, minus Chester of course the Sociopath was in his place with his cap and jacket, face concealed by his bandana. He turned right and took the kerb crawlers lane past Pro. corner to the outside of town, the Brothel to the right was in darkness, inhabited only by the dead Pimp, Corny. The Sociopath smiled and mouthed ' Sweet dreams ', driving on past he noticed the Prostiutes customers sitting in their cars waiting for their paid girlfriends.
"You'll have a long wait" he said, and laughed.
It was nearing 6 pm. as he drew up at the main gate of the Lone Star Brewery, Ernie and his band were already walking down the path from the plant, as they reached the bus Ernie saw the way Chesters replacement was wrapped up and said.
"Bad again Chester?, these Dang English colds go on and on don't? the Sociopath nodded in turn as all his passengers remarked on his health as they entered, one by one, last in was Thunderosa, and slapped Chester on the back.
"Lets go Man"! i'm in the mood for some killing" he said, meaning the paint balling. But the driver had other forms of killing on his mind, as he sped off down the steep hill to the town the evening light was grey and the cool still air had brought the sea mist in early and as the bus hit the coastal road into town they were already losing site of the pier lights, but they were not heading to town to pick up their extra passengers, they took a left turn into the South car park not stopping he crashed through and increased his speed his terrified bemused passengers were thrown around in the back like rag dolls and imploring there driver to stop. The thing is he wasn't their driver he was a crazed methodical madman expertly negotiating  the unmarked muddy causeway towards the North pier halfway across he was half a mile out and opposite the end of the pier. Then the driver veered sharply left plunging the bus into the soft Magma of the mud flats.
"You maniac Chester"! shouted Brent Allen.
"I'm gonna kill you Chester" shouted Thunderosa.
"I'm not Chester said the Sociopath, "And I've Killed You", and he left by the passenger door pushing the button down and locking it, his drivers side was already under the mud as the bus turned turtle on its side, Chesters substitute had conveniently opened his drivers window and the mud engulfed the inside, he had removed the rear door inside handle aswell, and the passengers fumbled in vain, they had no choice but to go down with the ship. As the bus slipped beneath the black stinking waves, the Sociopath merely stepped off the last remnants of there watery coffin. on to a beach mat he just had time to fling out flat. It was then a short skip and a jump to the causeway. He checked his watch.
"Mmm. high tide in 15 minutes, Nice"! he said as he walked back towards the car park under the cover of the thickening mist. Half way to the car park he paused to turn and see the results of his actions, the sea had covered the crime scene and was already lapping at his ankles, he hurried on to the car park and stepped over the remains of the  causeway gate. Then he took the route back home  North behind the fishermans cottages.
"Did you see that"? Vince asked Allen, as they walked South towards the pier.
"See what"? asked Allen.
"Lights in the distance opposite the pier, then disappearing again."? explained Vince.
"Could it be Aliens" asked Allen, joking.
"No, i'm not sure now, must have been seeing things, probably a reflection from the fun fair which didn't make sense from his angle, but it satisfied his curiosity and they walked on. At their destination the two Americans were anxious their friends had not turned up to collect them.
"Those guys have forgotten us" said Susan.
"We'll get a cab" said Jeff.
"Nah! leave em' to it" said Susan, "Its near dark 7 pm. It'll be over before you could get to where ever the hell it is".
"I'll see if i can ring the place" said Jeff. "Hey JR where's that poster gone for the paint balling"?
"What paint balling"? asked JR.
"The poster that was on the wall last night" said Jeff.
"Oh that! the guy running it, said it was cancelled and took it down" said JR, "He said he hoped nobody was disappointed and would be organising another event soon".
"That's all very well" said Susan, "But where are the guys"? Just then in came Vince and Allen having enjoyed the stroll from the hotel.
"What will you have" asked Vince.
"Dang! i'll have a Lone Star" said Allen noticing the unusually full cold shelf.
"Well hello! fellow Colonial" said Jeff, on hearing Allens accent.
"Hi"! said Allen, "This is Vince, i'm Allen, and you are".
"This is Jeff and i'm Su" said Susan. "Pull up a chair we could do with good some company" Jeff pushed J7 and played the Lone Star beer song  on the juke box to welcome his new drinking buddy.and J12 for a bit of Red hot Country.
J7 Click>>>>
J12 Click>>>>
At the Police station D.I. Alan Gibson and his crack team of P.C. Bichler and D.C. Eddyboylip were considering the days events.
"This town is a hotbed of scandal, looking at this day book" said Alan, "Dog fouls footpath, Stolen wallet, death from natural causes, i may retire at the peak of my career, its so boring, why can't something happen a nice juicey case, get our teeth into some real police work.
"Theres always the Chippy" said the D.C.
"YesI can see the headlines now, 'Foul Fish and Fouled pavements,'The hell that is Weston-Super-Mare" said the vengful D.I. "Where police, force the local chippy to clean up his act, Hah! Yorkie at the chippy will feel the full force of the law when the Enviroment johnny's get back to work tomorrow, as my stomach is feeling better i'll be there to do my duty, he can be sure of that".
It was 8 pm. and the Americans were missing their friends, Jeff decided to ring Chester the bus driver, in the Sociopaths lair the two caged,bound and gagged prositutes were aware of a mobile phone ringing on the desk opposite them, of course it was Chesters in amongs a box of others, he like the others was on the Sociopath's wall chart, a sadistic statistic and no more. The monster meanwhile was in the Brothel gathering papers to possibly change identities but he really didn't fancy being a Pimp, so he satisfied himself with his stash of cash and the odd gold chain or two. As he didn't want to be a Pimp the future for the two pro's wasn't bright. But he always had the option of releasing them, there life would be better after all without Corny, he had done them a favour really, or so he believed.
"No answer" said Jeff at the So-So Bar, "I'm gonna call the Cops".
"Is that necessary" said Vince, worried about meeting the police, a bit earlier than he had hoped.
"Hell yeah! they would never be this late" said Susan, "Do it".
"Lets walk back to the hotel" said Vince to Allen. not wanting to get involved.
"I'll think i stay awhile this sounds interesting" said Allen, and Vince made his way back alone. The phone broke the silence at the police station.
"Hello, Weston police" said P.C Bichler, "is there now, and you expected them when, nearly two hours ago, well it's probably something and nothing, we'll send someone down", he replaced the reciever.
"What's that"? asked Alan.
"Suspected missing persons, at the So-So Bar Alan, fancy a pint".
"Yes I think I could fit it in"  said D.C. Alan, "Eddy bring the car round lets do this right". They got in their car and trundled along to the pub. Alan told Eddy to put off the Blue flashing lights, "We're not Starsky and Hutch lad keep it real" and Eddy turned them of like a sulky boy. They past Vince who turned away, into the Chippy doorway.
"Wouldn't go in their lad" he said to the pedestian through the glass, not if you want to have happy holiday memories that is, ha, ha"! he told Eddy to pull up round the back in the car park, just to be a bit descreit for JR. "In the back way said Alan, "Right down everything, in your notebook, no matter how trivial, we deal in facts in the C.I.D. remember that".
"Evening all" said the D.I. then wishing he'd hadn't, what's all this then", mentally kicking himself.
"Evening Alan" said JR, "Pint"?
"Not whilst on duty, thank you" said the D.I. official like".
"There's a first then" joked JR. "Our American friends seem to have lost their mates".
"Their 2 hours overdue from the paint balling site" said Jeff.
"Paint Balling"? asked Alan "What Paint Balling"?
"A new place just opened up the other side of the station" said Jeff recalling what was on the poster.
"I can assure you now there's no Paint Balling sites in Weston, they would need a licence obtained from us, registering their fire arms, they can be lethal in the wrong hands those paint guns, health and safety would have our Guts for Garters if we allowed it.
"Maybe thats why the Guy took the poster down and said it was cancelled" said JR.
"Which guy was this"? asked the D.I.
"The man from the Weston Advertiser, opposite the car park around back" answered JR.
"Are you getting all this D.C." asked the D.I.
"Yes Guv. got it all" answered the D.C.
"Right that will be our next port of call then" said Alan.
"Where"? asked Eddy.
"The advertisers office, written on your pad, wakey, wakey lad" said Alan. They exited the way they came, the Advertiser was housed in a low building opposite the car park they sat in there car for a moment and observed the shop.
"Read me back what you've written so far Eddy"? asked Alan.
"Okay Guv" said Eddy, "Would you like a pint Alan"
"Stop there Eddy" said Alan, "When I said everything, I didn't mean everything we said, just the Facts, now skip to the important bit".
"Oh! sorry" said Eddy, "The guy from the Advertiser took down the advert".
"Ah! yes for something, we know doesn't exist" said Alan, "Probably felt embarassed, he can tell us who ordered the posters". Then they saw a shadowy figure ascending a flight of steps from below the shop. and walk towards the sea front at a brisk pace, "Funny said Alan, Eddy follow him, i'll check out the shop, and don't forget your walkie talkie"!  An excited D.C. ran to the corner, and peered around it the figure disappeared in the shadows an then reappeared further along the esplanade heading North. D.I.  Alan Gibsonwas now peering through the shop window it was lined with all the colourful posters of the preceeding weeks events, the same ones that were on Chesters bus at the Carnival parade. The shop was dark so he moved to the flight of steps to the left hand side, where the figure emerged from. at the bottom of the steps a paddocked door barred any further investigation. He tapped on it with a torch he was carrying, Traci and Nana could hear it faintly and struggled to remove their gags, Alan was just about to retreat when Nana managed to pull down Traci's gag with her chin, Traci screamed with all the breath in her body.
"What the Kin' hell was that" said Alan, listening at the door, he tapped once again.
"Help"! screamed Traci, "We're here"! Alan rushed back to the Squad car and searched the boot, police cars are well equiped with all manner of implements, he knew he could get through the door.
"That's the baby" said Alan selecting a crowbar ment for such an occassion, he returned to the base of the stairs and levered the lock till it parted with the door. Then kicked it wide, it was dark so he used his torch to find the light switch, switching on the light a stranger sight he could not have imagined to see. Two frightened prostitutes trussed up like chickens one still gagged, and both padlocked in a square cage barely big enough to allow any movement. "Your taking this Bondage thing a bit too far aren't you"? he quipped. Then he levered off their lock.
"God are we glad to see"! they said.
"Never thought i'd hear a prostitute say that" said Alan. they hugged him, and felt safe, "Steady on ladies Cor! if Mrs.Gibson could see me now aye"! then he remembered, "'She'd kill Him"! and released their grip. They then told Alan that there was a Madman loose in Weston and they Knew he had murdered Corny the Pimp for sure and probably more as he had been driving Chesters bus around. Meanwhile D.C. Eddyboylip was still hot on the trail of the killer as he still dodged in and out of the shadows. "Sssssshhh>>>EDDY ARE YOU THERE!>>>>COME IN EDDY!>>>Ssssssh"! said the D.I. like a fog horn in the cool misty evening air. The D.I. waited for a reply.
"Ssssssh!>>>>>>Sssshut up!>>>>>I nearly had him>>>>Ssssssh! returned the D.C.
"Ssssssh!>>>>>>Get back here its a straight murder enquiry now, we know who we're after>>>>>Ssssssh!>>>>>> what was that you said by the way?>>>>>>>Ssssssh! said the D.I.
"Ssssssh!>>>>>>>>Nah, it was static>>>>>.Ssssssh! said the D.C.
The Sociopath ducked behind the Lesbian Barbers, and climbed the wooden gates finding ,himself in their rear yard, Julia Lashley was in bed with her Brazilian beauties, and her keen sense of hearing had her jumping out of her bed, peering through the crack of the curtains she saw a shape on the fire escape heading her way, she crouched behind the door ready to pounce her Juditsu lessons she had last year would come in very handy if he decided to enter the room. His shadow passed over the curtains and the Brazilians let out a gasp, he kicked in the door and they screamed, as he walked to the centre of the room Julia slowly close the door just enough to aim a kick at his head he fell against the dressing table and got up to rush her Julia bent down and punched him right In crown jewels with all her might. That was it for him he slumped out of the door ans slid all the way down the fire escape steps. As he lay in theyard massaging his manhood back from the dead. Julia called the police. P.C. Bichler passed the info onto the D.I. and the D.C. and left for the Barbers. The Sociopath had recovered sufficiently to make it over the gates and across the esplanade to the Donkey stables. There he hid in the straw loft above to sleep off the pain.
D.I. Gibson and D.C. Eddyboylip were entering the Brothel as they kicked in the door a cloud of flys engulfed them the smell made them Retch, as it cleared Corny's body was in site his throat clearly cut in the middle of a pool of blood. He could see the murder weapon on the floor next to him and bagged it, although this was D.I. Gibsons first murder, he clearly knew what he was doing, D.C. watched and learned.
"The place has been ransacked by the look of it, lets get back to that cellar and search it, to see what he's up to, said Alan The SOCO Boys can take care of this lot". Back at the squad car the girls had been locked in, the D.C. unlocked the car door and sat in the front seat, can you remember what he said anything that could help us get a feel of what we're up against"? asked the D.I.
"He talked about killing people and stealing their lives" said Traci, "Their money, their property, their families. their identity".
"Classic case" said Alan.
"What do you mean"? asked the D.C.
"Classic Sociopath, I've read about these" said Alan "Their like a Camelion taking on a new identity blending in with their surroundings, until their ready to move on then Bang a victim here a victim there, until he finds a match for who he wants to be. then he disappears as if never there leaving the police to chase their tales, like P.C Bichlers dog. Our Sociopath was a Advertising expert or was he for he had someone elses identity, the real one could be lying anywhere in the country, I know ours has been hear 18 months he knows everybody and they know him for God's sake, he done my daughters wedding invitations, he's even on my twitter list". P.C.Bichler  was at the Lesbian Barbers and Yorkie from across from the Chippy on the opposite corner, was comforting her, having heard all the comotion as the Madman made his escape. She was Buzzing from the experience and re-enacting it on Yorkie clearly pleased at knock s her attackers lunch box for six.
Can I ask you to come to the station and make a statement tomorrow"? asked P.C. Bichler, "For now just get some sleep and lock up your doors and windows tight", and he returned to the station little knowing that he was just yards from the Killer. On arrival at the station he reported in to central headquarters about the Murder the report was picked up by Scotland yard.
Chief Superintendent Chris Hyde of Scotland yard  recieved a message on his desk at 10 pm. and summoned his best detective D.I. Medtechcerb to his office.
"Looks like we have a bit of a flap on in a place called Weston -Super-Mare do you know it"? asked the Super.
"Oh yes" said the SYD.I. "Had many a holiday in Somerset Sir"!
"Right pick a D.C. and go and clear it up will you" said the Super. "Local D.I. is called Gibson he will have to stand aside make use of them though no passengers on the Murder squad aye Inspector"?
"I'll take my usual D.C." said the SY D.I. "D.C. Ben Pinkney, he knows my methods well, we'll soon clear it up Sir, what ever it is. And he made plans to leave immediately by car. D.I. Gibson meanwhile was sifting through the evidence at the cellar trying to discover the where abouts of the missing Americans then, he came across an information leaflet or it looked like one, showing a very dangerous bit of information, it was never ment for public release, he was sure of that, because it was a walkers guide to the unmarked Mud causeway, compiled  and printed by the killer, but how had he done it, for sure the only known person alive who knew the exact path was Captain Rabidar Singh the lifeboat Skipper and dodgy fish supplier for Yorkies chippy, he was on his list for the Enviromental investigation anyway so he might aswell give him a visit next and investigate this guide link.
At the hotel the two lovers Vince and Nola were lying back after another steamy session, wondering what would become of them in ten years from now, I fancy America said Vince I got chatting to a Yank downstairs and he's just inherited a hotel in Florida, he reckons the millonares are thick on the ground over there, i think it'll be easy street for us after that. Great said Nola fed up with the English Riviera, need a tan. Allen Haberburg was back from the pub, enjoying a night cap in the bar before bed, Robin was serving him.
"Oooh! Florida sounds nice" said Robin.
"I'm missing it already" said Allen, "I just gotta see a distant relative tomorrow and then off back home if nothing comes of it, you'll have to come and visit me i have a hotel as well on the East coast little place called Jupiter, it's like paradise".
"I'd like that" said Robin.
"Well Good night" said Allen and made his way to the lift, and bed.
"Great weeks takings" said Anthony, "I'll just lock the safe and be away to my room, Goodnight Robin".
"Goodnight Anthony" said Robin dreaming of Florida and of course Vince, but for tonight she was tired and turned in.
At the Far end of the esplanade D.I. Gibson and D.C. Eddyboylip were parking in the south car park, opposite Captain Singhs cottage.
"Look at that mess" said the D.C. noticing the smashed gates.
"P.C. Bichler been tear-arsing about again I see" said the D.I. laughing. They crossed the road to the cottage of Captain Singh, it was in darkness.
"Shall i wake him up Gov" said Eddy.
"Too Bloody right you can" said Alan. wanting to take retribution for his bad guts earlier. Eddy rapped on the door, there was no answer.
"Round the back Eddy" said Alan, and he hot footed it around the block to the rear drive way, he crunched across the shingle like a troop of soldiers, and found the kitchen door ajar. stumbling through the darkness he tripped on something and crashed against a whotnot in the corner finally getting to the front door, again there was the smell of death Alan found the light switch and the D.C. discovered what he had tripped on. It was Captain Singhs body with a kitchen Knife in his back, suggesting  the way he was lying, half way to the front door that he was making a run for it when the killer struck, he died where he fell. Looking around the room it was a similar scene ransacked and everything turned upside down in the fireplace were some burnt embers and remains of yet more of those leaflets guides seems like they changed their minds on releasing their project. another job for the SOCO Boys tomorrow. Then Alan remembered something he saw on that intact leaflet at the cellar.
"Had me that leaflet" said Alan to his D.C. and Eddy brought out the crumpled evidence from his coat pocket.
"Yes i thought so" said Alan "He shone his torch through the paper some body has drawn a cross halfway along the Mud causeway path".
"Why"? said Eddy.
"Well its not buried treasure" said the D.I. "But it could be buried Texans"!!
"But for now we have done all we can the sea is lapping at the shore and i'm going to lap up my supper, and i know one thing it's not a fish and chip one. lets get back to the station, and fill in P.C Bichler, on their arrival P.C.Bichler made them a cup of well deserve tea for the two sleuths.
"By the way Alan, i informed Central about the Murders, said the P.C." they are sending a pair from the Murder Squad  Scotland, Yard".
"Awe! what do you wanna go and do that for" shouted Alan, "We don't want them 'Nancy Boys' sticking there size elevens all over our evidence we gotta get it wound up before they can steal our thunder! Right i'm going for a  kip when i've downed  Mrs. Gibsons meat pie, I suggest you do the same we'll need our wits about us to out think those Met. 'Nancy Boys' apart from that Nutter loose out there".
"Buy the way Gov" said P.C. Bichler, "Connie Tuttles sister arrives on the Noon train from London, to arrange her funeral, be nice if I met her don't you think, a kind face and all that"?
Okay but make it quick the SOCO Boys need all hands on deck, we've got bured treasure to dig up.
Chapter 4
From Mud To Madness
The Next morning the relative peace of the stable hayloft was disturbed by the rattle and clatter of Casey's feed bucket, as he tended the donkeys Dorothy and Dennis he needed fresh straw from the loft and  the Sociopath wasn't prepared for any disturbance to his sleep, he moved to the rear of the loft and felt a Bale hook under his hand as he crawled, hopeing he didn't have to use it, he clutched it and raised it above his head to strike, luckily Casey grabbed the first Bale he saw and threw it to the stable floor, then he decended the steps again. As the ithe donkeys Eyored loudly he slipped out of the hayloft the way he came from the upper outside loading door it was slightly masked from the esplanade by large bush. He walked to the beach and circled the cafe picking up stones and throwing them in the sea like thousands of tourists before him. He was a bit hungary so he would wait for the cafe to open, at the police station the boys from SOCO (Scenes of Crime) were gathering for instruction from D.I. Gibson, unseen by the killer on the beach.
"Right lads" saidthe D.I. "We have a Maniac on our hands and us, as the local lads aren't going to let some Met. glory hunters steal our right to solve this case, any info comes to me first, the Met. boys are on a need to know basis as far as me and you are concerned, of course if they demand all the facts you'll have to tell them. So long as we stay one step ahead, any questions? right you have three scenes to start with, the cellar, i want everything logged, plenty of photos, the Brothel, and the fishermans Cottage, at the South end we will meet up this afternoon at the South car park with heavy digging equipment kindly loaned by Underpin and Makegood, got that now__"  Just before he said go a black Mercedes S Class pull up and out got his new friend D.I. Medtechcerb and sidekick D.C. Pinkney.
"Just in time i see" said the SYD.I. "Address to the troops is it ? erm' D.I. Gibson i presume, you was expecting us i think".
"Yes of course the lads are wanting to get stuck in" said Alan, "We're pretty keen down here you know".
"Glad to hear it" said the SYD.I. "Right you lot I want everything to go through me and D.C. Pinkney". Alan gave them a nod and a wink, but they knew the score.
"Okay lads go" said the D.I. from behind, and they went about their business.
"Now said D.I.Medtechcerb show me what you've got, and he entered the station with the three locals for a briefing.
At the Hotel Nola was at her desk smiling and thinking about a bright future, Alan Haberburg told her he wouldn't be taking breakfast this morning instead he would take a stroll along the sand, and have breakfast at the cafe, he had a bit of personal business to attend to, carrying a copy of the New York times newspaper and wearing a white sun hat looking every bit the American tourist, he strolled out of the hotel and turn right towards the wilder coastline of the North beach where the sea was a bit deeper closer in and waves crashed on the rocks, forming pools behind it reminded Alan of some of his beaches back home on the opposite side of the pond, he looked out to see and imagined in a straight line his house was just over the horizon, which it was give or take a thousand miles or so. Along the coast a bit Lisa Allen was painting the dramatic sea-scape as the waves crashed on the rocks in the early light.
"Hi, there" said Allen, "Great work, are you local"?
"Yes" said Lisa, "Thats my cottage over there".
"Your American aren't you"? said Lisa.
"Is it that obvious"? said Allen.
"Well we hear alot of American accents with the Brewery just at the other side of the bay there" said Lisa.
"Well there a few hands down i hear" said Allen, "A bus load went missing last night, i was sitting in the pub, when they were reporting it"
"The So-So Bar"? said Lisa.
"Yes they seemed very worried" said Allen, "I bet their home in their beds sleeping it off". Lisa smiled.
"You know, that really is great work" said Allen, "I'd love to take it home with me as a mommento of my visit".
"Well all my work, is for sale, so yes, it's yours". said the happy artist.
"Great" said Allen, "What say we discuss it over breakfast", Lisa gave him a sideways look.
"At the beach cafe" he said laughing, "Of course".
"Done, it'll be a pleasure" said Lisa. "And perhaps i could sketch you as an extra", they dropped of her painting and she grabbed her sketch pad from the cottage, chatting as they went they walk along the beach towards the cafe. The Cafe was opened and Nicola was serving her early regulars for once Casey was caught inside by James the cabbie, going thru his joke book including references to Eyore and did he mind he was eating Piglet in his bacon sandwich.
The Sociopath entered and was greeted by Nicola as a business aquaintance, after all he printed the menus, his work also lined the walls especially the Carnival posters.
"You should frame your old posters" he told Nicola, "They would be worth alot of money in the future people collect that sort of thing", as they would anything from a crazed murderer he really ment. as he sipped his tea and hate his full English, Lisa and Allen entered from the beach side, followed by Deiter the waiter for his morning start at 9 am.
"What will you have" said Allen to Lisa, as she sat at her normal table surveying the scene.
"Oh, um bacon and egg on toast, and tea please" she told Deiter, who was on the job directly.
"And i'll have the English with the black pudding i've heard about" said Alan. "Who's the owner here"?
"That lady there, Nicola" said Deiter pointing out his boss at the counter. Colin was put to work as the short order cook, just in earshot, she could shout through the orders if she was busy. Alan began talking about himself as he did to most people he met, the hotel, the weather, his hopes for the future, and always ended up asking his guests to visit him if ever they was over, the Sociopath made mental notes of everything he heard and missed nothing, especially when Allen approached the counter after excusing himself to Lisa.
  "Hello" said Allen, "To Nicola" his accent and tone stabbed her in the back, and she stood bolt upright trembling. The American accent always had that effect on her, maybe thats why she had so many liasons with the gang at the So-So Bar. "Sorry did i startle you".
"No" said Nicola,  "Just a bit jumpy today".
"My name is Haberburg" he anounced,  "Alan Haberburg".
"Yes" said Nicola, "And"?
"My father, was Frank" he said. Nicola felt faint. "Are you okay"? asked Allen.
"Sorry" she said holding herself upright by the counter, "You really know how to shock a girl, don't you" said Nicola.
"My father also Knew how to let you down" he said. Allen then told his story including why he was there, to Nicola now sitting with him and Lisa, holding a hand each. Lisa thought it was wonderful and Nicola's firstthoughts was to give his father through him a piece of her mind and say all the hurtful thing she couldn't say in 140 characters, on twitter but, she couldn't he was no relation to her legally, but he had made the effort to get in touch and explain and she could now bury the past and move on, all she could do now is stand up and hug him. Allen told her he was quite well off so if he could make amends financially in anyway he would. This was all meat and drink for the Sociopath who drank in all the juicey info, James craning his neck listened and smiled thinking of his next tip when he left to go home. Which he annouced would be the next day he was satisfied his flying visit had mended all the burnt bridges, of his fathers doing, he could now return and look forward to sending birthday and Chistmas cards in the future, of course he also invited her for a holiday on him and she had a feeling, she would be taking him up on his offer. Lisa was sketching not the happy scene but the Sociopath, at the next table she couldn't resist his slightly unkempt appearance, he turned away slightly when he noticed, and she gave up on it, after a half decent attempt. Alan agreed to stay and chat with Nicola, and even have lunch. Lisa said she had to return to her cottage for lunch, and said she would bring his picture to the hotel tomorrow before he left, he thanked her and she left for the beach route back.
At the police station D.I. Medtechcerb realised they were dealing with a dangerous Sociopath, who they knew as Derek Trentham local Advertiser editer and printer but, could now be anyone in the community. He had a chart from the Sociopaths cellar supplied by D.I. Gibson, showing his targets and their final resting places, up to last night.
"Can anybody notice anything, he asked the assembled policemen.
"All the murders are in the south of the town" said his side kick D.C. Pinkney.
"Good yes, and that means, what"? asked the SYD.I.
"He was a lazy bastard" shouted out D.C. Eddy, proudly, his audience laughed.
"No he's right" said the SYD.I. "All the killings are within a mile of his home as i'm led to believe by his own chart, but, he has been disturbed and is now out of his comfort zone, and last seen heading this way, where he was lost in the shadows by D.C. Eddyboylip", who was smiling thinking it was an acelaid. "That is where we should start our search" he said looking at the map of Weston on Alans wall, "The esplanade at the point where the clock tower is".
"Theres also a very fine Chip shop there said Alan perhaps I could treat you and D.C Pinkney to some of Yorkies Finest Fare".
"Sounds good to me" said the D.I. Medtechcerb. "Iwant an annoucement put out on local radio, not about a homocidal maniac but, an escaped prisioner, who should not be approached just to keep the locals on their toes but not panic them". It was a standard release they gave out but if they gave out Derek as the suspect he might panick and take another life or identity.
P.C. Bichler saw it was time to greet Connie Tuttles sister from the Train, he said he would tell the local radio station himself, and he slipped out with a nod to D.I. Gibson, who mouthed "Quickly" to him. he took James cab and instructed him to cut the chat, and get to Weston Station, they arrived just in time, Connies sister Esther Titchen was being bored by the ticket collector and was relieved when she saw P.C. Bichlers uniform.
"Welcome to Weston he said please take this cab with my complements, your sisters house keeper is waiting for you at Worley Park i'm afraid i have an erand to run i'll leave you in James capable hands, take her to the house James and remember button itand managed". James did as he asked and they reached Worley Park gates within 5 minutes. On the beach opposite just a way back, Lisa was picking up interesting shells, on her way home. Her mobile phone burst into life she saw it was a tweet, #FF I Love You - Under North Pier Now
"Nicola"? what could it be she thought and without thinking she retraced her steps, back the way she came, not even noticing it who's name it was on the Tweet, it was used that often between the two friends. As she clambered over and around the rocks under the pier she saw a interesting shell its mother of pearl glinting in the half light she reached down into the water, but was stopped by a mans reflection on the other side of the pool, it was a familiar face and stopped her from crying out in fright, but he had one thing on his mind her drawing of him no picture of him existed and he wanted to keep it that way, with murder in his eyes, she started to worry and asked him what he wanted.
"Nothing you can give me" he said, "Only what i can take", and advanced towards her slipping on the rocks. She grabbed a pencil from a pocket and held it like a dagger, but this time he wasn't going to be beaten of by a woman and knocked it from her hand, then he wrestled her to the floor, picked up a rock and bashed her head in smashing her skull, her screams were lost in the crashing waves pon the nearby rocks, he dumped her in the pool after taking her phone and house keys. washing his bloody hands in the salty water. Then he headed for her house.
Allen Haberburg decided to invite Nicola to the Hotel to dine in style and she left Colin and Deiter to cope with the lunches. At Worley Park Julia Hodgson flagged down the cab outside 'Bessie Bollocks cottage' and got in, then told James to drive on up to the house, Esther Titchen had moved to London from the house when she got married  25 years before and had only had the odd holiday back there since. The cab stopped at the imposing front door and James opened her door for her and carried her bag to the house.
"I see you Tweet" she said.
"What"? said James.
"Tweet, the back of your jacket, i noticed on the way up" said Esther, much to James surprise, "I love it she said" and entered him on her list, "Handy when i'm wanting a cab, thank you" James walked back to his car feeling 10 ft. tall and whistled, 'Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside' all the way home. At Lisa's cottage Dereck or who ever he was searched and ransacked every corner, money, pictures, passports, anything useful, then he went upstairs. and smashed up her studio Allens picture included. His rage was increasing as he looked out the rear window and saw Worley Park on a hill in the distance through the trees.
Yorkies Chip Shop was just opening for business, it was heaving with people or was the people heaving, mainly with hungary cops having completed SOCO investigations on the three locations, they enjoyed a break, the Tide had just retreated and the causeway was drying out in the hot midday sun.
"Fish and Chips all round then"? asked Alan, "He does a exceptionally fine Haddock".
"Thank you" said D.I. Medtechcerb, "And the same for D.C. Pinkney, nothing like police work on a full stomach". D.C. Eddyboylip nearly burst into laughter, and held it back, shaking, D.I. Gibson nudged him and whispered.
"If this works, I'm going let Yorkie off! after all we know the source of his rotten fish is dead, but I'd leave it a week or two before I'd try his Haddock again if I were you".   As D.I.Gibson clued up his own group they binned their fish and chips one after the other, till the two Scotland yard cops were the only ones left. They finished up theirs and then D.I. Alan told them about the causeway guide.
"Where did this come from"? asked D.I. Medtechcerb.
"SOCO just found it in Captain Singh's" he said winking at D.C. Eddy, "There's a spot marked on it opposite the pier I think thats where the Yanks are"
"How are we going to get out there"? asked the SYD.I.
"Well i am prepared to lead you out there following this guide if your will to trust me" said Alan.
"Such confidence, you are to be commended D.I. Gibson" said the SYD.I. but first i shall visit those esplanade toilets"
"Me too" said his D.C. out of earshot the whole of the SOCO Squad burst into laughter.
"I think that takes care off them" said Alan, "Lets move to the South car Park".
At Worley Park Julia was settling Esther in the room next to Connies, She wasn't there though the undertakers had collected her as per instructions on the phone from Esther, first thing this morning.
"What am i going to do with this house" she said looking out of the window.
"You could always sell it" said Julia, "Connie had plenty of offers from farmers around here, property prices aren't too hot but you could certainly shift it".
"What was that"? said Esther.
"What" said Julia, "Don't tell me a face looking at you from the woods".
"Why yes" said Esther.
"I get it all the time" said Julia, "Close you eyes tight and then open them again". Esther did as she asked.
"Yes, the face has gone" said Esther. But this time only because the face was on the killer and he had moved away to 'Bessie Bollocks cottage' here he treated it with the same contempt as the others, ransacking and smashing his way through it. till he sat in her armchair to rest having only found a few pounds in a jar in the kitchen. At the main house Julia had made Esther a pot of tea.
"Yes your better off getting rid off this place its too big" said Julia, I'm due too retire anyway i was only staying on out of loyalty to Connie, but its up to you, anyway i have a few chores at home i'll be back later, you should eat at the hotel tonight thats what Connie would have done". At the South car park, D.I. Gibson got out his guide to the mud causeway and took his first steps towards the cross on the diagram.
"Follow me lads and keep back about 10 yards" as he strode out he took a police cone and marked his progress, D.C. Eddyboylip passed  him another as he put one doen every 10 yards. On the Esplanade the two Scotland Yard cops had emerged from the public toilets and could see the brave D.I. out on the Mud they start to walk to join them but only got as far as the So-So Bar and ducked in to use their toilets also, Jeff, Susan, Lizzie and Jade were looking out the window, as D.I. Gibson inched his way forward, then he was there, looking down he scanned the Mud every so often a bubble came to the surface, it was black but blacker than the Mud and it had a rainbow streak in it it was oil motor oil there was definately something down there in the Mire. He found both sides of the causeway by testing with his weight and marked out a square, then he called forward, Underpin and Makegoods JCB digger, it was capable of digging down 20 ft.  so it sat on the edge put its nuematic feet down and began to scoop off the drying Mud, within the first 6 feet it hit some thing hard it was a rock so the digger driver swung left a bit, this time he went down 10 ft. and clonk!! a metalic sound it was resting on a hard bottom so it couldn't sink any further. Alan watched as shiney silver metal appeared in the Dark Mud the digger bucket had scrapped off the paint, there was definately a vehicle in there.
"Stop" shouted Alan, and held his hands up, "Bring a rope, Eddy and tie one end to the bucket" Eddy did as he asked and handed the other end to Alan, "Uh! Uh! your go i'm the path finder your the hero, down you go sunshine". said Alan.
"Well thank you" said the uneasy D.C. "Aargh! it stinks Guv".
"Well you should of ate your fish as chips then, you could have been sit on your arse in the Lavy" joked Alan. As he decended the rope everybody in the Pub rush out of the door and ran along the pier to get a better view. Eddy was now standing on the side of Chesters bus at the bottom of the hole.
"Its a bus alright" said Eddy, "Its got 30 persons written on the side its full of Mud inside".
"Right stay ther i'll get some one to bring a chain" said Alan, two guys in white overauls brought the chain and the digger dug a trench to the rear to find an axle or towbar, to attach a hook. Eddy was hauled out and stood back so the experts could work, they attached the other end to the digger towbar and drove back along the causeway following Alan waving them forward. the bus slowly emerged. It was up when Susan Screamed and realised it was their bus. That made the Weston cops look round and then they saw Chester hanging from the pier head below. D.C. Eddy wanted to throw up and he did when they opened the bus door out slid a very dead Ernie Trevino followed by Red Se7en and Thunderosa, as they dug them out one by one, Susan screamed everytime in hesterics Adam drake was followed by Brent Allen and a surprise member of the gang the head of the Brewery LoneStarbeerATX who jumped on the bus to have some fun. SOCO got to Chester and cut him down, they were all laid out on the car park ready for bagging up. The Scotland yard detectives kept an eye from the Bar not daring to move too far.
"I think thats one nil to the Weston lads don't you" said D.I. Alan to his troops.
"Yayee"! they all cheered and patted Alan and Eddy on the back, for a great bit off detective work.
"Are you going to tell the Scotland Yard lot, about the wonders of immodium guv" asked Eddy.
"Maybe tomorrow lad, maybe tomorrow" said Alan.
Everybody from the pier returned to the So-So Bar, followed by D.I. Alan and D.C. Eddy, Alan asked them to pay attention and made an annoucement.
We have a situation on our hands here, a maniac is on the loose in the town he is by all accounts a serial killing Sociopath he will not stop at anything to further his goal, which is to steal someone elses identity. Now we know he posed as the bus driver Chester and he killed the guys in the bus in cold blood, current guise is Derek Trentham the Advertiser from round the corner".
"My God"! said Susan, "That's the guy that does all the posters for Lone Star, he brought the paint balling poster into the brewey, he's on my twitter list for Christ Sake"! and she showed Alan her mobile.
"I think we've got something here" said Alan to Eddy, "Any other locals in here"? several hands were raised, including Jeff 's. "Please check your twitter follower lists and tell me by raising your hand if a Derek Trentham is on it, over the next 5 minutes 99% of the asembled company bar the police raised there hands, then Alan raised his. "I thought so" said Alan, he's using peoples contacts to pick his victims it taken him a long while to build up his followers and then he's snapped wiping out anyone he has taken a dislike to, or is in his way, some just for the hell of it, innocent victims mean nothing to him, I want everyone with him on their list, to stay her in the So-So Bar, can you put on some entertainment JR", asked Alan.
"Theres a match on the big screen at 8 pm. European Cup Final Chelsea v Real Madrid"  said JR, The policemens eyes light up, "And we can play backing tracks for Jade to sing, we'll keep em' entertained"
"Good" said Alan, "Nobody answer or act on any twitter messages, and stay here, the more contacts off the street the better, its 5pm. now that Maniac has been let loose somewhere in Weston for the last 14 hours or so we have to check on other people on his list". D.C. Eddyboylip was always on twitter and knew exactly what to do.
"We could search 'Derek Trentham' and then his followed list, all those in the bar, the victims we already know about and various other businesses he had done advertising for including Yorkies, the lesbian Barbers who was the only survivor after a run in with the killer, Nicola at the cafe, Connie Tuttle, the Hotel,  and D.I.Gibson, but then the list could be endless as the victims contacts could be followed and added, we'll have to cross match everyones contacts in Weston with his follows and followers and then its only a theorie, its mind boggling. said the D.C."
"We'll if you look below your profile there will be a shortlist of cross matches followed and followers i bet your mans listed on both, have guys at Scotland yard who can work all this out for you" said the pained D.I. Medtechcerb, "I heard of a similar case in New York and twitter and Google cross matched all the results and came up with a result in no time, we could narrow it down considerably".
"Can you arrange that then"? asked D.I. Gibson.
"Can't see why not" said the SYD.I. "We're here to help after all".
"Thanks" said Alan, "If that is the case, we could end up with a shortlist, to check on in Weston", and he gave the two Scotland Yard detectives his packet of immodium, as he studied his own crossed match list. "Lets get back to the station" said Alan, as Eddy arrived in front of the pub with the squad car. JR pinned up a poster for the match.
"Don't panic people" said JR, "I wrote it out myself".
'Bessie Bollocks cottage' was in darkness as Julis Hodgson arrived back, the door was slightly ajar, "Silly Cow" she thought, must have left it open, pushing the door further open she walked in without a care, and instinctively navigated her way upstairs, managing not to walk into the mess of overturned furniture and smashed nicknacks adorning the floor, as she reached the bedroom and switched on the light the scene hit her hard, she turned to find the Sociopath in her path, holding her largest kitchen knife.
At the Hotel Allen Haberburg was enjoying a drink in the bar with new friend Nicola and now joined by Colin, who had locked up the cafe sending Deiter home, after 5 pm. Vince was floating around doing his thing Dazzling the ladies and relieving them of cash here and there. The hotel lost property box was bulging with its daily intake under Nola's desk. Robin never made anything of it, and if she did she had Vince to take her mind back off it.
The police were all back in the station thinking and waiting for a Fax from Sotland Yard, giving them a final checklist of there suspects possible targets in Weston. Then the phone rang, P.C. Bichler took the call.
"Thank you, someone will be with you directly" he said and replaced the reciever, "It's another victim Sir, they think it Lisa from up the coast, the Artist, shes been found floating in a rock pool by a dog walker, under the pier opposite us". said the sad P.C. who knew her well.
"She's not on my list" said Alan, rechecking his phone.
"No? well she's on mine" said Eddy, who had followed her from James the cabbies list.
"Oh what a tangled webb we weave" said Alan, "P.C. Bichler ring the pub and get the SOCO boys to the North pier, and while your at it ask them the score of the match, Lets get back to some serious detective work.
"There on their way" said the P.C. "And, Chelsea are 1-0 up, they said". SOCO arrived and set up some floodlights the tide was lashing the rocks and they took plenty of photo's, then they moved the body to the esplanade, in a temporary tent.
"Whooo! poor girl" said Eddy, as he saw the mess her killer had left her in, he hadn't actually met her before,but, followed her because she sounded interesting and he liked her pictures of the locals on her website. "That bastard is getting worse, that looks more like a frenzied attack".
"And she hasn't been hear that long either" said the SOCO expert, the blood coagulation an Rigor Mortis  aren't that far advanced stiffness starts after 3 hours and fully affected in 12 hours, i'd say it was midday and no long shes been here".
"Good work", said D.I. Gibson, "That means he's still 8 hours ahead of us at least, where did she live"?
"A mile or so up the coast" said P.C. Bichler, she has a small isolated cottage on the North road.
"Right stay with the Fax machine and phone, P.C. I'm going there next, with D.C. Eddy" said D.I. Gibson.
"I'll stay with him and hold the fort" said the Scotland yard D.I, seconded by his D.C. not quite recovered.
At 'Bessie Bollocks' the Sociopath had tied Julia to a dining chair and gagged her.
"Who else is in the main house"? he asked her.
"Just Esther, Esther Titchen" said the trembling house keeper, "She's come to arrange Connies funeral".
"Connies Dead"? said the Sociopath, surprised and now feeling cheated of his next victim, "Who's Esther"? he asked.
"It's her sister from London, said Julia, "She will inherit Worley Park"
"Are you married"? asked the Sociopath, "I noticed all the mens clothes in your wardrobe.
"My husband will be back soon" said Julia panicking trying to deflect his thoughts.
"Wrong said the Sociopath i printed your husbands obiturary in the Advertiser" and he Slashed at her throat.
"Apart from that he was my size" he said calmly "And posed in the hall mirror, for he was now wearing one of his suits. "Right i shall meet Esther"  he said, and a calm came over him once again, he left 'Bessie Bollocks for the last time. At Lisa's cottage a squad car turned up carrying the two local sleuths, there wasn't any point in knocking so they broke the door window and reached through to the lock, it was a familiar sight of devastation, and they wondered what he could have been looking for, in reality nothing it was just what he did when in a rage.
"Get SOCO up here" said Alan, "But i can't see what they could tell us now"
At Worley Park, the Sociopath was knocking on the main door. Esther answered thinking it was Julia forgotten her key.
"Oh! yes, can i help you"? asked Esther.
"Good evening" said the Sociopath calmly, "I'm you local printer, i've just come to finalise you order of service before i print them off for tomorrow" which he was,and guessed she would have sent him a message or something about it, being the only local printer.
"But that was only this morning, your very efficient" said Esther.
"We aim to please at Weston Advertise" said the Killer and gave her one of his cards, "But i'm disturbing you, your dressed for dinner".
"No, it's okay" said Esther, "I'm dinning at the hotel, it was my sisters favorite venue".
"Ah! mine too" said the Killer, "I have been invited to dinner before by your sister", which he had.
"Why not join me now" said Esther, "I hate eating alone sounds like Connie would have approved aswell, we can discuss the service over dinner".
"I'd like that, Thanks"! said the Killer, she grabbed her hand bag and locked up, and they made the journey by foot as her sister used to down the hill. In the hotel there was a rumour going round, about a escaped convict on the loose and nobody in Weston should walk about unaccompanied.
"Thats not good for business" said Anthony on one of his flying visits.
"Lets arrange a party to keep everybody in the hotel for the evening" said Robin. as Esther and her new dinner guest entered through the french windows.
"Sounds great"! said Allen at the bar, it can be my going home party, seeing as i'm leaving tomorrow" that piece of info was picked up by the Sociopaths Radar and keen sense of hearing as they were seated at the adjacent table.
"Damn it! said Salman, "Listening to his earphones"
"Language"! said Anthony, "Whats up"?
"Real Madrid, they've just equalised, 2-2 with minutes to go in extra time, Damn it"!
"Tsk, Tsk, your staff" said Anthony, to Robin.
"Oh, he's okay" she said, "He could of been off duty watching it, in his room but he knew Nola was on duty the love sick puppy He He!"
"Yeah! the sacrifices i make for a pretty girl" said Salman, "Damn it, Full time its penalties now"! He was a Man.Utd supporter but, he'd rather Chelsea won it instead of Real Madrid.
"What would you like to eat"? said Esther to her guest.
"Oh, any thing" said the killer, "How about steak, in honour of your sister"?who was more interested by the bar conversation, there were too many people who knew him he had to reduce the numbers.
"Will you excuse me Esther, order if you like, i'll be back" he said, and he left via the reception through the front revolving door. Esther ordered two steaks and a bottle of wine, believing he had gone to the toilet. It was quiet on the street the floodlits were lighting the tent as SOCO were packing up to move up the coast road to Lisa's cottage. Nicola's phone buzzed in her pocket and she checked it out, smiling she told Allen she'd be back in a while, as she put her coat on, Colin asked her if it was anything important, she said not to worry and keep Allen company, she'd only  be a minute. She checked her phone again it was from Lisa, #FF I Love You - Dennis and Dorothy that was a fun message meaning a meet at the stables, "Wonder what she wants"? she thought. As the steaks arrived at the table Esthers dinner guest slid back into place.
"Oh! you haven't got a Steak knife" said Esther, "Waiter a steak Knife please".
"Come on John Terry" Shouted Salman, "This one for it" Anthony was turning red, "Yeeeees! all over Chelsea win 5-4 on penalties, and he kissed his betting slip, Fish and Chips on me Babe! he said to Nola". Nola kissed her index finger and pressed it on his lips, he was buzzing.
"Wonder whats happened to Nicola" said Colin, "Excuse me a while and he left to look for her, Allen was,looking at the menu again having seen Esthers steaks and didn't really see him leave. Colin wasn't known to the Killer so he ignored him. Allen meanwhile took possession of the adjacent table to them, to order alone. The Sociopath was pleased to see him sat at the next table, and said good evening to Allen.
"Didn't I see you at the cafe earlier"? he asked.
"Why yes that's right" said Allen, "I'm visiting a distant relative, but i'm homeward bound tomorrow".
"Booked on the next flight, Aye"? asked the inquisitive Sociopaath.
"I only have to confirm my E-Ticket" said Allen, tapping his mobile in his inside chest pocket, "I will be flying then within hours". The killers eyes brightened and his eyebrows raised then lowered, as he stored the infomation.
"Do you like the hotel"? the Sociopath, "Hope you have a nice room overlooking the sea".
"Yes i've been given the Royal suite on the front" said Allen, "The one with the large balcony, i think because i also own a hotel myself and they wanted to impress"  'What a helpful man', thought the killer, and so much info. he was getting aroused with the thoughts of what he was going to do next. He had finished his Steak and had all the details of hymn's etc, written on a serviette which he put in his pocket, made it obvious that he was ready to leave and Esther said she would stay on for a night cap. So he left by the french windows.  At Lisa's cottage nothing new was dicoverd so they decided to call it a day, six SOCO investigations in one day was enough for any police force it might have even been a British record. Nothing turned up on the Fax machine, to change anything but a person entered the police station to report a missing person, nothing unusual but it was Colin reporting it, and Nicola was the person missing, she was also on the killers twitter list, which means another possible victim. D.I. Gibson and D.C. Eddyboylip were enjoying a cup of tea none the wiser for all their efforts.
"Go home to the cafe and await for her there" said P.C. Bichler, "She'll probably turn up, shes a bit of a free spirit normally, i know her better than you, don't worry" Colin accepted that and returned to the cafe to wait. "I hated lieing to the man like that" said the P.C. "What if she turns up dead like the others"?
"Then SOCO will have something to do tomorrow, won't they" said Alan totally cheesed off.
"We'll have to tell the public tomorrow that he's mudered 12 maybe more of our towns folk, they seemed not to be heeding our warnings, at all" said D.C. Eddy.
"Right i'm for my bed, said D.I. Gibson this time you can call me if anything else happens, the Scotland Yard lot i've sent to the hotel for the night, looks like we might need them after all. At the Hotel D.I. Medtechcerb and D.C. Pinkney were booking in with Nola, Esther was saying good night to Allen Haberburg and was on her way out of the french doors. Allen decided he wouldn't wait up for Nicola to return and retired to his room. He shared a lift on the way with Salman and the two cops.
"Great result tonight Gents"! said Salman, "John Terry redeeming himself and winning the European Cup, you being from London and that".
"Yeah, i'm afraid we were working" said D.C. Pinkney, and then let out the biggest puff of foul air, that Allen had to hold his breath till the next floor and got out, coughing and spluttering as the doors shut again, trapping a little of the stench, Salman just laughed and said.
"Yorkies Chip Shop Gentlmen"? and they realised that had been taken for Mugs. Esther was half way to Worley Park when heavy footsteps approached from behind she never saw her killer as he tied her hands behind her back and gagged her, then she lost sight of Worley Park her childhood home as she sank beneath the waters of the estate lake with a garden rolled roped to her ankles. At the House the Sociopath had done what he does best ransacking and searching, deeds, money anything and everything, he treated the place as his own, then he packed a bag and with every he wanted and moved to the hotel.
The revolving doors turned silently as the Sociopath entered the reception Robin was nearly ready to turn in as she asked the stranger to sign in.
"Will you be staying long" she asked, "Only till my train comes in the morning" he said. Salman took his bag and showed him to his room"
"Good night" he said holding his hand out, but he only recieved a 50p. coin for his trouble.
Midnight and the mist had decended once again on the town, Allen Haberburg was asleep and snoring loudly, Robin was locking up downstairs, her idea of a party was a bit of a damp squib and eerybody turned in early, Nola was getting a good seeing to by Vince in his room, D.I. Medtechcerb was flushing away the last of his evil lunch and returning to bed vowing to solve this case and get his man, before D.I. Gibson could offer him anymore meals. At the Police Station P.C. Bichler was leaving for his home and hoped D.C. Eddyboylip would have a better night on duty after coming back for the Night Shift. Eddy made a cup of tea and started fiddling with his mobile, he looked up his twitter list, and found Lisa, 'Shame he Thought' than he found a new name Allen Haberburg, in her followers list he hadn't seen before, she must have known him, as she was following him back, also on Lisa's was Nicola, she had a new follower also, Allen Haberburg. D.C. Eddy put his tea down and and sat upright on the edge of his chair. He decided to pick a random follower of Nicola.
"Who could be a soft target for a Sociopathic Maniac Eddy my Lad"? said Eddy, posing as D.I. Gibson, asking himself the question, "I Know, and just for fun he selected yet another American @SuJeCoInc  Susan Jenkins Cowan,  from the Lone Star Brewery. As he saw her latest follower his hands began to tremble and sweat, the phone slipped from his grasp but only onto the desk, he refreshed the page again and there was Allen Haberburgs face staring at him, smiling.
At the hotel, the Sociopath was up again after a short nap and out on the balcony, with its panoramic view of the sea, in the moonlight you could just pick out a couple of donkeys roaming about on the beach loose, two balconys along was Allens room. The killer skipped onto the first balcony and crawled along the floor so as not to cast a shadow in the window, he could hear Nola inside experiencing yet another organism at the hands of Vince, but he did not linger to listen further, instead he jumped on to Allens balcony and made his way to the window, he couldhear Allen snoring loudly he had left the window open and the killer slipped in.
At the Police Station D.C. Eddyboylip was aggitated and wanted to call D.I. Gibson, but what if his hunch was rubbish, he decided to write all the info in the day book, so at least he wouldn't forget it. Next morning Colin awoke at the cafe and went to Nicola's room her bed had not been slept in, he was fearful maybe she had been attacked by this escaped convict they were warned about?, why would she leave the hotel like that? Then there was a thumping on the front cafe door.
"Nicola" he said excitedly, and opened it, to find a worried looking Casey Needzit.
"Follow me" said Casey, and grabbed Colins arm pulling him towards the stables, when i got here the stable door was open the Donkeys were out and halfway to the pier, but luckily i tye their front legs loosely together just incase they happened to get out, so they don't stray to far.
"Yes, yes! okay i get the picture" said Colin.
"Well thats not all i found tied to Dennis this morning and he led out Dennis the donkey with Nicola strapped to his back and her throat cut. Colin broke down and cried.
"Why, why would some Maniac do this"?
"I don't know" said Casey, "There are some wierd people in this town lately, its bound to drive nice people away and attract the undesirable element, it happened in the late sixties with the Mods and Rockers, shame its come to murder.
"Stay with her" said Colin, "I'm going for the cops", and he ran to the police station. Eddy was still deliberating about waking Alan early, when Colin burst in and told him of Casey's dicovery.
"That's it" said the D.C. "I'm calling the Guv"
At the hotel SYD.I. Medtechcerb was ejoying a proper cooked full English breakfast with side kick D.C. Pinkney, When he recieved a call from the police station on his mobile from D.CI. Gibson,
"That was the Station" said the SYD.I. "Theres been a developement, come on D.C. Pinkney lets go and show these locals how to wind up a case", and he ushered his partner off the table, still trying to get every morsal down. At the station everything was back on SOCO were on their way, but the SYD.I. want to be shown the latest  murder scene, Colin had told the detectives about the events of the previous evening and how they was enjoying Allen Haberburgs company, and where is this Allen Haberburg now, said the SY D.I. i presume he's still in bed at the hotel said Colin, get someone over there D.I.Gibson to make sure he doesn't leave, Alan sent D.C. Eddy as he had his picture on his phone. D.I. Medtechcerb was at the stables examining the area, with Casey and Colin"
"So where were your Donkeys when you left yesterday" Asked the SY.D.I.
"Where i left them" said Casey, "In the stable and the door closed, i never lock the doors in case of fire they can be let out by anyone, if i'm not here".
"Most people know this then"? asked the SYD.I.
"Locals, yes" answered Casey.
"D.I. Medtechcerb deduced that the killer was in the stables waiting for the unfortunate cafe owner and he kicked around in the sand, around the area, just then the SOCO boys turned up and told everybody to stop and clear the area to prevent anymore disturbance of edvidence, a fine search of the stables yielded a possible murder weapon, it had blood on it, Casey confirmed it wasn't his, and the SY.D.I. bagged it, but he noticed that it was a steak knife from the hotel, only because it was engraved on it like a coat of arms.
"Seems like D.C. Eddyboylip is on to something after all" he said to his own D.C.
"But i left  Allen Haberburg at the bar of the hotel" said Colin, half giving him an Alibi.
"That doesn't mean he couldn't of slipped out after you left, and got here after she arrived, she may have been meeting someone else." said D.C. Pinkney.
"Well she did have a history of doing that, apparently" said Colin annoyed.
As D.C. Eddyboylip entered the hotel he passed a well dressed Gentleman wearing a white sun hat and dark glasses, and carrying a copy of the New York times, in the opposite side of the revolving door, he thought nothing of it as he approached the hotel desk, Robin was on duty early as several guests were checking out early.
"Is a Mr. Allen Haberburg up yet by any chance"? asked the D.C.
"Oh! You just missed him" said Robin, "He had his breakfast sent to his room and checked out early, he ordered a cab, and James has just collected him, Why, you must have passed him on the way in". Eddy was horrified, and rung D.I. Gibson on his mobile. Interrupting  the SY.D.I. he said i think our killer has done a bunk, he's on his way to Weston station now.D.I.Medtechcerb ordered everybody to the station, by what ever transport was available bar the Donkeys. As they arrived the London train was waiting at the platform nearing the end of its 15 minute stop, as the holiday makers all piled on. It was nearly ready to depart, When Allen Haberburg arrived in James Marriotts taxi, having been on the scenic route at his own request this time, to take a last look at his fathers old haunt.
The door of the cab was opened by D.C. Pinkney, Allen got out surprised at his reception, even more so when D.I. Medtechcerb was reading him his rights routine.
"I'm arresting you Blah, Blah, Blah. given in evidence Blah, Blah. do you understand"?
"No, not at all" said Alan, annoyed his train was signaling it was departing, and pulling out of Weston Station. Then there was a very loud scream from a lady passenger who had come from the Buffet to exit the station, the police holding Allen, rushed over and saw what she had found, the annoying ticket collector with a knitting needle shoved up his nose to the hilt.
"Looks like you got the wrong man Gents" said James, as the train disappeared into the distance! Allen felt his inside pocket and found Lisa's Phone.

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