Just completed Mafia II on PS3 fantastic graphics, watch!

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Having completed The Godfather on PS2 I was Blown away by the graphics on Mafia II, I soon finished the story game but missed most of the Playboy mags. and all the wanted posters, so i will play again and find them all.
After you get the essentials at the bigging (lock picks) I tend to free roam all over the city nicking cars and crushing them at the scrap yard, its money in the bank every time, which comes in handy later in the game, if you drive to the scrapyard in the first car you get crush that one and near the crusher is another one, crush that and then go for a walk around the corner to where a guy is repairing his car, nick it before he can call the cops and drive back to the crusher, thats 3 cars and over a $1000 up. look back in the same place as before and the second car has been replaced. Break the glass and turn right out of the yard and follow the road straight you will come to a car park at the end of the road around a left hand bend, on the left swap cars with another, now drive back to the crusher once more, crush and Bingo the second car is back again, return to the car park and repeat as many times as you like, Its like "Gone In 60 seconds" keep going till your a millionare if you like, or for a laugh Nick a police car, you will have to lure the cop from the vehicle and shoot him, if your wanted you can always out run the cops, when you get bored return to the story missions.

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