The James Bond Fan Club March 2014

Dear Bond fan,
If you haven't already ordered your copy of MI6 Confidential issue #24, here's a little taste of what you've been missing:
Purvis & Wade on ‘Die Another Day’ being too far-fetched:
"We asked if ithe invisible car could be turned down a bit, so that something more was visible, but it’s up to Lee Tamahori in the end, the way he wanted to do it. We could talk about kite surfing as well... but maybe we should leave that one alone. It’s difficult for us to talk about because we don’t want to criticize... but it did get a bit over the top. We were busy pretty much throughout the production because at the 11th hour, just before we started shooting, there was a change of the whole of the third act. We had a heck of a lot of work to do to try and make that all fit. So, it wasn’t ideal.”

Pierce Brosnan on his off-screen relationship with Teri Hatcher in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’:
Brosnan explained, “She was late to the set because she was newly pregnant. I didn’t know that until the end of the day. I was vexed because I had a call time of six or seven A.M., and we didn’t do any work until three or four in the afternoon. I got very upset with her - she was always keeping me waiting for hours. When we finally got her in front of the cameras, it was great. Getting her there was the problem. I must admit I let slip a few words, which weren’t very nice. No one told me her situation until afterward. By that time I’d already shot my mouth off and cussed and moaned and groaned.”

Director John Glen on filming during a war:
“The Argentinean War was taking place at the time of Octopussy. We went down to Northolt airfield and Peter Lamont, the production designer, very cleverly made palm trees out of plaster to double for a generic South American nation that 007 single-handedly invades.” Whilst Glen was shooting at Northolt, a member of his crew overheard a curious conversation in a local pub: “They were discussing why there were palm trees at Northolt Airport and someone said, ‘It’s to make the Argentinean prisoners of war feel at home!’ They were quite serious in the pub."

The JBIFC separated from 007 Magazine some years ago.
The James Bond International Fan Club and MI6 Confidential magazine are pleased to announce that from January 2014 Fan Club-members and its website readers will be able to purchase copies of the full-colour James Bond magazine direct from the JBIFC.
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