How to Score Better on Tiger Woods 14


Don't Worry EA Will Fix It
A Guide For Fellow Players
1) Complete your Amateur Tour and Q.School there are No shortcuts

2) Fast Tracking Your Pro Career
First play and course through 4 rounds in career, this unlocks your 'Wire to Wire Trophy'
Next Set your career play to 1 Round, on Pre-Determined weather, Live could be anything up to 35 miles per hour wind.
Jump forward on  Career by selecting the Tournament Two Before the Next Major and then delete these two tournaments individually, you will recieve a invite to the next Major, Play it as a One Round Tourament, win it then Repeat the process with the next Major, after four Majors in a row you will Unlock the 95% Calamity Jane Putter in the Pro Shop, Complete 6 Masters, 6 (British) Opens, 5 (US) Opens, and 5 US PGA titles,These wins are Enough to win the Fedex Cup and Make You World No.1.
3) Setting up the Course for Big Payouts
When maxing your golfer, you can either use the setting that EA set for the career game or reset it in Gameplay, once you have started the round, I  used Pro Normal, Any Time of Day, Clear Weather, Calm Wind, Wind, Gusts on, Black Tees, 18 Holes, Expert Flags, Average Course Conditions, Long Rough, Wind Arrow Direction m.p.h. On, Shot Shaping Normal & NO Mulligans (if you have mulligans on, you can’t earn XP).  You can change these however you feel the most comfortable, but doing this exact course setup should give you 2.95x XP Multiplier for your round.
When you are setting up the course that you are playing in the Practice Mode section of the game, you are going to want to set the course up in the most difficult settings that you can while still shooting a decent score.
You get an XP multiplier if you set up the course in tougher conditions.
This is Okay While Your Building Up Your Character But, XP is No Good for anything after you Max Out at 95% on the right hand side of your attributes screen, on the left hand side  you will see 100% after you have completed your Career objectives (14 of 14)
When You gain the max. 100% you will unlock the Hammerhead Power Suits, in a Variety of colours these are no help in Power but you look cool in the Mirror Shades, Lol.

Once you are a 100% Pro its Time to Up Your Game and Set some Really Tough Settings.
These settings Will Give You a 3.95x Multiplier
Tees: Black(Expert)
Flag/Pins: Medium
Difficulty: Pro
Swing: Expert, this will show as Custom on Difficulty,
This setting plays exactly as Pro. except you Cannot Fade the shot, you can Only play Straight shots, it will Catch Out alot of opponents Online, who ever Don't Know or have Forgotton it.
Weather: Sunny, Calm Winds, Gusts On.
Course conditions: Average
Second Cut: Long
Spin: On
Swing Meter: Off
Zoom to Aim; On
Green Grids: Off
Putt Preview: On
Wind Indicator: Arrow Only
Never be worried about this setting as when you view the Arrow, if its Still Just adjust the Shot as a Wind Strength of 5 to 7 m.p.h. if the Arrow wiggles slightly it could be 7 to 10 m.p.h. Never more on Calm settings.

Shot Shaping: Normal
Mulligans: Off
AfterYou Master that setting Try......
Swing: Analog
This Will Gain You 4.25x  
For Players who are Accurate and do not Venture into the Rough, if you do, You will have to hold Down the Right Analog stick Holding the Red Curser on the Desired Spot on the Ball while Swinging the Club with the Left Analog stick. A Good Setting for Career Play or Practice Mode as a 100% Pro But, Hard to get a Game with Online.

Or, Analog Fade
This Will Gain You 4.35x
Where the same thing happens But, the Curser Disappears after a Couple of Seconds Once Moved, Deadly in Heavy Rough for You or an Opponent. This is My Personally Prefered Setting for Practice Mode.
Again a Good Setting for career and Practice But, Near impossible to get an opponent Online.
Now Go For Gold! 4.45x Turn your Wind to Arrow Only
4.65x Turn off Zoom to Aim
4.85x Now Turn off Wind Arrow on Live Calm Settings, All you will have is your Wits and Putt Preview, Give it a go its Fun!!

Other settings Could Put Your Multiplier Up as Far as 6.20x But Could Drive You to the Edge of Sanity, as does Real Golf :0)
When You Have a Online Glitch Such as Clubs Disappearing of Late (See Top of Page) Stay on Career or Practice Mode Until it is Solved, or do not chop and change between on and offline in a Session, before you sign out check you clubs are still there and save, they will then be there on your next session. 

Happy Scoring !!
Colinmafia - looney toones CC (World No.1's)

-22 Sheshan 4x65 on Silver

  • Colinmafia - Pro Expert, Meter Grid & Zoom Off Wind Arrow Only Get in :0)

    How to Play Tiger Woods 14 on Difficulty 4x85 at Boston
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