Sea Fishing Hints, Tips and Secrets

Sea Fishing

Hints, tips and secrets

Sea fishing hints, tips and secret I have compiled this list from all available information and sources.

  If you have any tips yourself share them and I will add to this list.

  1. When fishing a pier or jetty try using a 12volt strong light to shine into the water in one place and try squid jigs, mackerel feathers or a baited line.
  2. Dont always cast at distance more often than not the fish are swimming close to the shore line
  3. Do not try to refreeze fish baits such as mackerel and sandeel
  4. Live sandeel is the most effective bait for bass ON EARTH
  5. If you happen to catch an eel cut the hook off and use a new one, the scent supposedly puts fish off
  6. Use beads to keep the bait off the bottom if ambushed by crabs
  7. Always take a mobile phone fishing with you and let someone know where you are and the time you plan on fishing
  8. Try a single dexter wedge on a light spinning rod for bass and mackerel
  9. Never forget to put your rachet on or you will learn the hard way!
  10. Keep the bait on your rig fresh rebait every 30mins if you can
  11. Try making up a chum or rubby dubby bag to get a scent in the water
  12. Try new fishing marks as much as you can to get a good local knowledge
  13. Document your fishing trips with tide times, weather conditions, bait, fish, sunrise/sunset time...
  14. Use bait cocktails to try and differ catchs ie whiting sometimes dont hit on lug/mackerel but cod will
  15. If all else fails size 1/0 hook and ragworm!!
  16. If mackerel fishing use bread and fish oil chum, lots of patience my son!!
  17. Make sure your rods not tangled on the top ring before you cast!!
  18. Visit fishing spots at spring low tides to see the best marks, gulleys, banks, rocks, pools can all be good places to fish, Look particulary for signs of bait on the mark like lugworm casts or razorfish and use bait to match.
  19. When night fishing from a beach try not to shine your headlamp or torch on the water as it is rumoured to spook the fish.
  20. If you find the bait comes off the hook to easily try bait elastic but ensure the bait is presented well.

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