Play Me, I’m Yours: London 2009-2010

Touring internationally since 2008, ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ is an artwork by artist
Luke Jerram Presented for the City of London Festival and Sing London,
30 street pianos were installed on streets, in public squares and parks,
train stations, and markets. Like a creative blank canvas, the pianos were there
for any member of the public to play and engage with. The pianos were in place
 for three weeks, after which time they were donated to local schools and
community groups.
Back by overwhelming popular demand,
‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ is returning to London this summer (2010)!  
This website contains over 1000 films, photos and comments that have been
uploaded by the public throughout the duration of the installation.
Whilst documenting each piano’s journey this website has connected the pianos
and their communities across the city.

Click on a locations below to view films, photos & comments.
City of London
  1. Devonshire Square Estate (map)
  2. Leadenhall Market (map)
  3. Liverpool Street Station (map)
  4. London Wall (map)
  5. Middlesex Street Estate (map)
  6. Millennium Bridge (map)
  7. Old Jewry (map)
  8. Paternoster Square (map)
  9. Royal Exchange Buildings (map)
  10. Smithfield Market (map)
  11. St Bride’s Church (map)
  12. St Mary Aldermary (map)
  13. St Mary Axe (map)
  14. St Mary-le-Bow (map)
  15. St Paul's Cathedral (map)                             
  16. Back for 2011 Challenging the vuvuzela as the sound of summer 2010, “Play Me, I’m Yours“, the artwork in which pianos are plonked onto the streets for any ol’ punter to play, has returned to London for a second year. As of yesterday, 21 pianos have been dropped off at various locations around town, mostly within the Square Mile, where they’ll remain until July 10th. If you want to have a play, all you need to go is perch yourself on the stool and plunk away. In a stunt reminiscent of the Telectroscope, the piano on Millennium Bridge will be linked with one in New York from July 1st – 4th; it’s believed that a pair of classically trained pianists will perform a transatlantic Chopsticks duet.
Street Pianos Worldwide

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