Game i'm playing today Assassins Creed PS3 great graphics for £5

This is the first of the Assassins creed series brought for £5 in cash covertors
a fraction of the original price. I find if you can resist buying new games PS fanatics
do that for you and if there in good condition as this one was you still get the thrill
of a new game, I don't see the point of buying games like Black ops for £50 when in
two years you can pick them up for next to nothing. Already Black ops is nearly half
new price after its launch last year. But for me its see ya next year!

Best places for cheap games are CEX which gives part of its profit to charity, and Cash Convertors, I've still got my PS2 and many games I will never part with, CEX only pay under a £1 for games they sell for £3 to £6, but they rapidly drop the prices and if you keep your eye out regularly you can pick up astonishing bargains. One of my favourite games is PES 2009 which was remade in PS3 but is better on PS2, and brought for 75p.

I find subsiquent editions just change the players around, if you want to do that than buy FIFA 10 down to £5, and set up you team to todays line-up before you start playing. Its not worth buying newer editions just to change players. Besides if your good at it you should be able to play from amateur to professional and simulate a hole career. In FIFA 10 you can actually play a live season and  mirroring what your team is doing now online and change history by replaying bad results.
I Brought Far cry 2 PS3 in GAME the other day it was a pre owned game and again only £5 but fantastic!
A true roam around shoot-em up!

Don't worry wives and girlfriends its all in good fun, a bit of escapism, we're not looney's Honestly.

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